INSZoom updated the new Entrepreneur Parole application within 48 hrs


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INSZoom updated the new Form I-941, International Entrepreneur Parole, within 48 hours


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Want to process the new Entrepreneur Parole application for your clients INSZoom is ready to support you

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On December 14 2017 USCIS released the Form I-941 Application for Entrepreneur Parole without any advance notice. With this release came an important task for INSZoom making the form I-941 available in the Zoom Library for its clients within two business days.

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The Forms and Engineering teams jumped right in and achieved the task of making the form I-941 available in the INSZoom application for its 1400+ customers.

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“Making any USCIS application of this size and complexity available on Zoom within 48 hours of official release is a challenge our Forms team is ready to take on” stated Sang S. Kim GC and Immigration Mobility Attorney at Inc.

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He further added “The fact that USCIS provided no reasonable advance notice makes this success greatly appreciated by our teams users and those who will benefit from its earliest filing.”

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INSZoom continues to be on the forefront of immigration technology and places its commitment to its customers as the highest priority. Making the form I-941 available within 48 business hours is a pledge that INSZoom has put forth to the immigration industry.

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