Protect Your Facility with Lightning Surge Protection Devices


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Today’s industrial setups are heavily reliant on the continuous and efficient running of electrical and electronic systems. Overvoltage surges are a major cause of failure of this equipment. The consequential losses suffered during such events i.e. downtime and lost production can be very high. In other words, costly repairs, downtimes and sustained revenue losses are the causes of the absence of lightning arrestors. Reason enough to protect your facility against damage by using LEC’s lightning surge protection devices. Click here for more details:


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Protect Your Facility with Lightning Surge Protection Devices

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Surge Protection An electrical transient or surge is a short duration high-energy impulse that is imparted on the normal electrical power system whenever there is a sudden change in the electrical circuit. They can originate from a variety of source like lightning strikes switching of utility grid or capacitor banks electrical accidents circuit breaker tripping etc.

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Lightning surge protection devices for various types of power distribution systems. • Facility Guard – our patented UL listed lightning surge protection device eliminates common destructive failures at the service entrance and sub panels. With a peak capacity of up to 400000 amps it ensures complete protection for industries. • Transient Limiters – fail-safe self-protected design these nipple mounted devices come in a range of voltages and configurations for light commercial industrial and home use. Another patented UL listed device from Lightning Eliminators Consultant Inc. with a protection capacity of up to 100000 amps.

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Surge Protection Devices Electrical transients are not limited to the electrical distribution system. They can enter a facility through phone/fax line cables and satellite systems and even the local area networks. Therefore in order to achieve maximum protection from surge damage lightning surge protection devices should be installed on all systems susceptible to electrical transients.

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LEC offer: • Data Line Protector – this state-of-the-art hybrid surge protection are available on a range of configurations. • TE500 – a hybrid form of surge protector for data and telecommunication lines. For safe operation of electrical equipment these lightning surge protection devices are extremely useful in places where ultimate protection is required. Choose from our wide range of devices designed to protect your installation systems by limiting high operating voltage and diverting surge currents to ground.

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