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The list matching facility offered by Vyakar identifies related data groups and it automatically fills in the gaps.Looking for help in List Matching, you can visit us on:-


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B2B LEAD MANAGEMENT WITH ACCOUNT PERSPECTIVE Our world is experiencing a rapid advancement in technology innovation and in the production and consumption of data. Internet users are producing an unprecedented amount of data more now than in the last 5000 years.

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NEW SET OF CHALLENGES In these present day organization has an unprecedented amount of data at its fingertips but with that comes a whole new set of challenges.  Is this data consolidated enough to help sales agents quickly and effectively determine the nature value and characteristics of each lead  Can it be tied together to do something as simple as linking a lead to an account within a CRM  How will better infusion of data close the gaps that exist in current CRM tools

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LEAD ROUTING According to B2B Lead Blog “Ove r 25 of marketing generated leads get assigned to the wrong person. ” When a lead is linked to an account the process of distributing incoming leads among sales agents becomes more seamless and accurate. If the lead routing is random that can easily do away with the relationship that was already built when the customer signed up in the first place. People with named accounts have to be treated differently from a new lead by showing a level of familiarity and knowledge. It builds the trust with customer. This way sales agents can engage with customers in a more meaningful way

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CURRENT ACCOUNT STATUS When a lead makes contact they want to see the value your agents and company provide. When leads are linked to an account the leads sales contacts account and opportunities appear on one screen for the sales agent to view. Bringing up this information in conversation will show that the agent has done their homework. Having this critical information is the difference between losing a prospect and bringing it home.

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Improving the definition of your market segments can be as easy as casting your glance towards the clients you already have and determining how best to market to them. Arming yourself with named account information and data means your approach can targeted tactical and more measurable. When it comes to converting leads into sales and customers - having as much information as possible equips your sales team to build stronger relationships with leads. Ultimately your organization saves time and money and becomes more efficient SEGMENTATION

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CONCLUSION When it comes to tying leads to existing accounts CRM tools have left a wide gap which has created chaos and organizational inefficiencies. Correctly linking leads to accounts can save money by improving processes and response time and it will also grow revenue by providing a better picture of each potential client and the experience that will satisfy them

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