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Francisco Pizarro: 

Francisco Pizarro By Austin Regier.

Growing up: 

Growing up When Francisco pizaro was born in trujo spain in 1474 none knew that one day he would have an adventure like no other. In childhood he was not very educated and worked a farm. His dad was a minor noble war major and was poor. After years on the farm Francisco wanted something exiting so he joined the army and explored with his friend balboa. When he reached maturity he decided to go on a quest for gold. Rumors had it that a great city of gold lay south of the new land Columbus discovered.

Getting sarted: 

Getting sarted Right away Francisco went and got aid from king Charles 1 who said He would support him on his journey. Pizarro was looking for riches and new land to Claim for Spain. In 1522 he set sail to the new land. Land. The first route had failed but that did not stop pizarro. On his second voyage. There 180 men and him came to the great city. Altuapha the ruler of the Inca empire came out with all his men and there spains Priest took the holy book to Altuapha. Then it happened Altuapha took the holy book And threw it on the ground. The Europeans raged with anger and charged. Altuaphas Forces fled with fright but the Europeans were to fast and the Europeans plan worked. Altuapha soon was captured and he gave the Europeans 27,000 pounds of silver and 13,000 pounds of gold for his release. But pizarro thought there was a chance of him Getting in there way again so they baptized him and then strangled him to death. this was part of the place he explored

Where and Why did he want to go and what was he looking for: 

Where and Why did he want to go and what was he looking for He was looking for gold and new lands. He wanted to go to the rich land south of panama. He wanted to become richer and claim new land for Spain. Spain paid for the trips money. He used horses guns and navigations for his trip.

The Inca empire.: 

The Inca empire. Once inside the city he took control and killed the rest of the army and even though pizarro was not there some of his loyalist men stopped the trouble and started a new nation. Inca empire altupha had. Then a rivalry happened! Almargro pizarros main leader after him became his chief rival. Pizarro took out almargros forces and had his brother kill almargro. Later in 1541 he died from an attack of almargros son

The impact: 

The impact Spain had more land and money to buy and build more things to be more powerful and destroy more of there enemies. People who died were Pizarro ,Almorgro ,Altaupha ,warriors and the Inca died and some people who died from sickness. People who lived were Almorgros son and followers ,Spain and other Indians who helped pizarro. Who liked pizarro Spain de Soto ,balboa ,who disliked Pizarro. Indians Altaupha ,Inca ,Almorgro and his followers. I think that this impacted people because most people that new the Inca could not trade or have them anymore. Also Spain got rich and could trade more ,

Francisco Pizarro route: 

Francisco Pizarro route

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