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Movie Poster Research:

Movie Poster Research


Maleficent The teaser poster’s main image is the image of Angelina Jolie as the main character in the film. The dark background blends well with the horns on the head and makes it look as if she is coming through the darkness. The use f the yellow eyes and the bright green ball draw our eyes to the objects which implies that she is not a normal human being in the film. The writing on the poster appears in the bottom left hand corner and doesn’t really stand out that much, however through the use of the bright green, we see it out of the corner of our eye, which also reflects the character coming out of the darkness in the poster. The name of the film at the bottom of the poster shows only the title of the film, the name of the production company and the name of the star in the film. The poster does not use a lot of information about the film as it is a teaser poster and therefore leaves it ambiguous for the audience.

Funny Games:

Funny Games The Funny Games poster shows the two main characters in the film with their heads down and blood over their gloves, this automatically tells the audience that they are not good people in the film and have something to do with a murder. The red font for the title and the name of the stars also shows that there is a murder as it looks like blood, however it isn’t a bright red, it is a dark red, which shows that no- one will know about the killings and it will be a secret. The names of the stars appear at the top of the poster followed by the title and then the institutional credits. The poster also has a web address for the movie for audiences to go and look more into the film and the cast. The rhetorical question “Shall We Begin?” illustrates that the question doesn’t need an answer and characters will be murdered regardless. The white background and the white clothes the characters are wearing represents an asylum and the madness that these two characters have, to go and murder someone.


BURLESQUE This poster uses only three colours, Black, White and Pink. The use of the three colours all contrast each other making each detail stand out. The pink lips on each of the stars’ faces make them stand out and the stars used in the film make it clear to the audience that it is going to be about singing, as they both have successful singing careers. The title of the film goes down the middle of the poster separating the two stars, this makes the audience wonder why they are separated and adds ambiguity to the poster and to the film. The lights in the letters of the title show that the film has something to do with stardom as it looks like a sign on Broadway. The text “IT TAKES A LEGEND” and “…TO MAKE A STAR.” are on the same line as each other, the position of the text on their throats emphasises the stardom quality to the film as you use your voice to sing. The name of the Stars in the in the film appear on the side that the star is on. “CHER” is I n white because it appears on a black background and “CHRISTINA” is in black because it appears on a white background. By having the names of the stars in the colour of the opposite side it adds the idea that they will become friends or get along in the film. This institutional credits are at the bottom of the poster followed by the day it comes out; “THANKSGIVING.”

You Again:

You Again This poster uses the main cast members as the main picture of the poster, the use of just the female cast holding up pictures of the same cast members on the poster but ripped in half shows the audience that there is going to be some conflict between them. The names of the actresses are at the top of the poster and in the same style writing as the title and also the same colours. There is then a slogan underneath the stars’ names saying “What doesn’t kill you… is going to marry your brother.” This shows the audience that it is going to be a comedy as the circumstance is something that is funny to most people. The title of the film appears under the picture of the cast which is then followed by the institutional credits.

Just Go With It :

Just Go With It This poster uses all three main characters in the film on the poster which attracts the audience as they see their favourite stars. The use of the colour blue throughout the poster gives it a very calm and tranquil affect, as the blue is used for the sky and some of the writing on the poster. The use of Jennifer Aniston being in white and Adam Sandler being in blue matches the writing of the title “Just Go With It” as every other word is a different colour, this implies that the couple will end up together or match each other during the film as the clothes they were mimics the title. At the top of the poster there is a quote “Sometime you need a girl, to get the girl.” The writing is quite small but makes it clear to the audience that the girl in orange who is far away from the other two shows that she does not fit in with the couple and is therefore excluded, it also shows how the woman could come between and potentially split them up. The names of the actors in the film appear above the title in the same font and the same colour blue. The titles of the film follows with “Coming Soon” in white underneath the title. The institutional credits are at the bottom of the poster with a website to go with it and a ‘hashtag’ (#) for twitter users.

The Purge:

The Purge The poster’s focus image is of a man in a mask that is grinning, this already creates an eerie atmosphere about the film and makes the audience want to know why he is wearing such a creepy mask. The writing on the poster is in white, with the title of the film in the middle of the poster, the title of the film is in a much bigger font size than the rest of the writing. At the top of the poster the writing reveals the other films the producers have made, as these are both horror films that have been previously made it makes the audience realise that the film is going to a be horror film as well. The date of the film's release is at the bottom of the poster and is the same date as what is written underneath the title of the film “SURVIVE THE NIGHT JUNE 7 TH ” this creates the idea that the audience will be on the same night as the man in the mask and makes them feel apart of the film, making people want to go the premier so that they can feel apart of the scary night. The date of the film release is at the bottom of the poster as the layout of the writing draws the audience from the top writing, down his face to the bottom of the poster. The film companies logo appears at the bottom of the poster above the film release date and has the name of the director and people involved in the film.

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