Vladimir Propp’s Theory- Research

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Vladimir Propp’s Theory- Research:

Vladimir Propp’s Theory- Research

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Who is he? Vladimir Propp is most famous for his breaking down of fairy tales, he breaks down fairy tales and stories into 31 sections, however we think that our film uses only half of his theories within our film. Vladimir Yakovlevich Propp was born on the 29 th April and was born in Russia and spent most of his life analysing plots in various Russian ‘folk tales.’ He did this to try and identify their simple narrative elements and understand why they are used.

Propp’s Theory- Functions:

Propp’s Theory- Functions In total Vladimir Propp discovered that there was 31 stages to create a good story with the ‘functions’ of a character and dramatic turns in the plot. The functions in a story is about what the character goes through to get to where they are. He found that the main thing that happens in a story is that the character; is separated from the family or group (ABSENTATION), overcomes a difficult task which normally involves a fight between a good and evil character (STRUGGLE or SOLUTION ) , the character then seeks help from a higher authority or object that helps them proceed throughout the film ( BEGINNING COUNTER-ACTION) and then there is the big finale in which the character is re united with everyone and the villain is defeated (WEDDING)

Propp’s Theory- Characters:

Propp’s Theory- Characters This theory is based on the characterisation of the characters and how they are represented throughout the film. He discovered that there was seven different characters within a film. All of the characters are important to the plot as they move the story along.

Propp’s Theory- Characters:

Propp’s Theory- Characters He discovered that there was seven different characters within a film. Here is a list of the Characters that Vladimir Propp thought was important in a movie plot Propp found that these characters are the most important as they do in fact move the plot along and each character is affected by one or another at some point in the film.

Examples in Modern Media:

Examples in Modern Media An example of Propp’s theory being used in modern media is within music videos and recent films. Artists such as; Enrique Iglesias has used his theory in his hit song ‘Hero’ back in 2001, as it shows the hero (him) being united with the princess which shows how he has won his quest, as Propp’s theory shows should happen. Also films like ‘Shrek the Third’ uses Propp’s theory as the main character ‘Shrek’ is kidnapped and seeks help from a magical character ‘Merlin’ in order to set things right and win back his princess. This proves that Propp’s theory is popular as it is used within media products such as music, and film. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koJlIGDImiU

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