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THOR-the myth and the movie


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THOR Prepared by: Saira Abid


THOR Son of Odin, and the true heir to the throne of Asgard . He is the beholder of the Majolnir , and is the greatest warrior in Asgard , He is proud and arrogant. He is unable to think clearly and believes that fighting is the solution to all problems while that is exactly what created the problems for him in the first place. His father banishes him to Earth without his powers after he disobeyed him and started a war against Jotunheim disrupting the peace in the nine realms.

the plight of Thor:

t he plight of Thor Thor being the real son of Odin (the king of Asgard & Thor’s father) forgoes his mortal love (Dr. Jane Foster of Earth) and returns to Asgard to save his realm from being overtaken by his stepbrother Loki. (htt7) Whoever rules Asgard has access to undeniable power and control of all 9 realms, including Earth. In the sequel when Thor attempts to pacify the nine realms (due to war crimes committed by Loki), his mother is murdered. (htt6) He again has to team up with Loki who betrays him and takes over the throne of Asgard by shape shifting (creating an illusion) himself as Odin. The story is planned to continue as part of another sequel to the original Thor, released in 2011.


Loki Loki is the real son of Laufey , the ruler of Jotunheim (the realm of Frost giants) He was adopted by Odin (Thor’s father), though he is not aware of it at the start. He is the younger of the two siblings and thinks he is better suited to ascend the throne after Odin. Loki has the power of making illusions. He takes over the throne when Odin falls into odinsleep forcing Thor to return from his exile in the first movie. In the sequel Loki is responsible for helping Thor avenge their mother’s murder. He then creates an illusion of his own death and takes over Asgard when Thor turns down the throne to return to Jane.

The Quest:

The Quest Initiation: Thor’s ascension ceremony is interrupted when Frost Giants infiltrate Asgard to get back their chest of dark powers. (htt8 ) He travels to Jotunheim and wages a war against them disrupting decades of peace that had been existing between the two realms.

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Separation: Thor is exiled to Earth without his powers in the middle of the dessert. Dr. Jane Foster who is studying the occurrence of unexplainable events finds him and realizes that he doesnot belong at Earth. He is forced to survive like a mortal (while he used to live like a God)

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Transformation: When Loki takes over the throne, his friends, Sif and the Warriors Three arrive at Earth to convince him to return to Asgard before things get out of hand. To prevent Thor’s return Loki sends the Destroyer after them. The Destroyer overpowers the warriors. Thor offers himself up instead of his friends. He displayed humility which he lacked before. As per Odins words, his powers return and his Majolnir returns to him

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Return: Having gotten his powers back, Thor returns to Asgard with his friends to confront Loki. He finds out that Loki was the one who had let in the Frost Giants from a secret passageway. Heindall , the gatekeeper of the Bifrost (the passage between the realms) had been unable to sense them because of this. Loki destroys the Bi-frost while destroying Jotunheim and jumps, not allowing Thor or Odin to save him. Thor rules by Odin’s side but he is no longer greedy for the throne of Asgard .

The mythological & cultural origins…:

The mythological & cultural origins… Thor (the God also known as the Thunderer ) is part of many major myths and is of the Norse origins. It is also said that the day “Thursday” ( Thorsdaeg or Thors’s day) has been named after Thor because he kept beating his hammer for five days on his mountain peak after he was tricked by the king of the Frost Giants. So the fifth day of the week was named after him. (htt7 ) Odin was Thor’s favorite God. (htt12 ) He was married to the goddess Sif and also had a mistress Jarnsaxa (she was a giant). According to the myth, Thor fought against the enemies of the Gods and he defeated the Frost Giants bringing about peace and tranquility.

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As described by the myth, Thor had a war charriot which was led by two goats. The mythical Thor was more popular than Odin because Odin needed a human sacrifice while Thor did not. A temple was build for Thor in Uppsala in which Odin was standing on Thor’s right side. Thor’s portrayal in the middle signified his greater power and popularity. The Christian Church was built on this temple in the year 1080. ( htt7) According to the Norse belief, when there were thunderstorms, it meant that Thor was travelling in his chariot while the lightening was basically his majolnir striking. (htt9) Also in the myth, there is mention of a belt that Thor used to wear which would double his strength.(htt10)

The Parallels;:

The Parallels; According to the myth, Odin was Thor’s favorite God while in the comics and the movie Odin is shown as Thor’s father. The myth goes that he was married to Sif while he also had a mistress. In the myth inspired movie, he falls in love with Dr. Jane Foster ( a mortal) and returns to her. Sif is just a friend and a fellow warrior. There is no mention of the giant mistress. In the movie, Thor’s father Odin was the one who had defeated the Frost Giants, spreading peace when Thor was just a little boy and Loki was a baby.

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Thor did not have a chariot in the adapted movie. He travelled through the Bi-frost, the gates of which were controlled by Heindall . The movie did not portray any human believes in the God named Thor. The movie showed that when any supernatural activity occurred there was a thunderstorm. The thunderstorm and the lightening basically signified the opening of the Bi-frost. In the adapted movie & comics, there is no mention of the symbolic belt that is believed to double Thor’s strength.

Mythological Symbolism:

Mythological Symbolism In the mythical disgrams and illustrations, Thor is drawn as a power personified being. He is rugged and has a full built. He is tall and handsome with great height and strength. He was believed to also be the protector of humans. He is the one who was believed to drive away the cold and ice brought by the Frost giants to Earth. He is believed to have brought about warm springs and rain to Earth. The same case applied to this day. The most powerful men of the society are believed to be our protectors. The same things are to-this date portrayed via our media. In movies, plays and even cartoons, we are led to believe that if we are big and strong, we can be the protectors. It is because Safety is one of the basic human needs as described in the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Human Conflicts vs Thor’s conflicts:

Human Conflicts vs Thor’s conflicts Human conflicts are driven by the basic human needs and desires. The things that are human about us remain constant over the years. So even though the circumstances may change, the core desires still remain the same. He went back to claim the throne so that evil would not rule over all nine realms. It was Thor’s responsibility as the son of the All-father (Odin) to protect all the none realms. Thor’s desire was first and foremost to save his home. The same thing we can easily observe in all of us. Our homes are our sanctuary. If they are thretened , we will react. His other priority was for saving the woman that he loved. This we can also observe in our daily lives.

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