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Overcoming Betrayal : 

Overcoming Betrayal Adapted from: Chicken Soup for the Prisoner’s Soul Choices, Decisions, Consequences - Daniel Bayse Copyrighted material that appears in this article is included under the provisions of the Fair Use Clause of the National Copyright Act, which allows limited reproduction of copyrighted materials for educational and religious use when no financial charge is made for viewing.

Daniel Bayse : 

Daniel Bayse An examination of my psychological profile reveals that I have the same background as many pathological sex offenders, violent gang members and even murderers. If I had followed my anger and bitterness, I would now be spending the rest of my life in prison. Instead I direct a nonprofit ministry that teaches inmates and their families how to attain true freedom. I grew up in a small town in the mountains of Virginia with a mother who believed in extremely rigid discipline. My dad was a good man – workaholic whose income only allowed us to live on what some considered the “wrong side of the tracks.”

From the Dark to the Light : 

From the Dark to the Light Physically, I was on the large size but clumsy. I soon became labeled as the “class punching bag” – a name that was used as an excuse for a fellow student to sexually assault me during an eighth-grade gym class. As a result, I spent the next two years bouncing in and out of doctors’ offices and hospital rooms. One evening I “died” in the back of a 1953 Cadillac ambulance as it raced toward the emergency room. I was going into a dark tunnel. Moments later I found myself completely engulfed in a brilliant white light. A voice said, “It’s not your time yet.” I awoke in a hospital bed surrounded by people feverishly working to save my life.

Most Likely to Fail : 

Most Likely to Fail The injury left lasting scars, most of which are invisible to the naked eye. One of the doctors who treated me also abused me. Nobody suspected it at the time because I was alone with him during the numerous “treatment” he called a medical routine. The high fever that caused my “death” left me sterile and unable to memorize. My grades suffered in school, and I was told that I wasn’t smart enough to go to college. I clowned around in an effort to find someone who cared but spent most of my time alone. My high school senior class rewarded my efforts by voting me the “most likely to fail.”

25th High School Reunion : 

25th High School Reunion I felt satisfied at my twenty-fifth-year reunion when I showed them my fifth published book, As Free as an Eagle: The Inmate’s Family Survival Guide. Breaking the chains the bound me to my past bitterness was a long journey. I learned that true freedom is not freedom from temptations or freedom from prison. True freedom is having the power to stop doing the things that get us into trouble. One of the primary differences between adults and children is the ability to act on reason instead of emotional feelings.

Handling Anger : 

Handling Anger For me, attaining the freedom to become “somebody” meant I had to make a choice not to follow my own anger and bitterness. I had to ignore my inner voice saying, You’re worthless, and replace it with an empowering voice saying, You’re worthwhile. I didn’t do it alone. My journey toward freedom started with my decision to select appropriate friends. Instead of associating with the “tough guys” who encouraged me to teach others to “respect” me by force, I chose to accept the help of people who taught me positive ways to handle my anger.

I Listened : 

I Listened Two eighth-grade teachers and one assistant principal helped me negate and survive the hurtful words of classmates and teachers. During my navy days, I chose going to church instead of “running” with the sailors who frequented the bar scene. “Mom and Pop” Marshall, a pastor and his wife, had a positive influence and “adopted” me into their family. I listened to those few educators who encouraged me to apply to college, instead of believing the results of my psychological tests.

Help : 

Help With the encouragement of a handful of supporting people and sheer determination, I learned to compensate for my inability to memorize. I earned two graduate degrees and became an ordained Baptist minister, a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Family Life Educator. We empower ourselves when we follow the road to freedom instead of getting caught in the revolving door of our past.

In the End : 

In the End Listening to people who believe in our abilities helps us find the power within ourselves to do better. Modeling positive people helps us create good choices and decisions, and changes negative consequences into positive outcomes. Jesus was betrayed, He knew he would be betrayed, but He overcame the Pharisees, Chief Priest, Peter and Judas and entered into His glory. In the end you’re worth far more than those who would betray you!

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