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Hagar : 

Hagar Abram’s Concubine Her name means Fugitive or Immigrant And the Surrogate Mother of Ishmael

Hagar : 

Hagar Hagar was a young Egyptian slave girl in the house of Abram (later to be know as Abraham) and Sarai (later to be know as Sarah) . Sarai and Abram had been trying to have children but none had been born to them. This was considered a great disgrace because God had not provided them with an heir. Around the well, people would have said that God must be angry with them and thus didn’t give them children. This was not the case with Abram and Sarai because God had promised Abram heirs (Gn. 15:4-5). Both Abram and Sarai were not satisfied with God’s plan for them to have children so they decided to accelerate His plan by having Hagar be the surrogate Mother of Abram’s child.

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Of the three, Abram, Sarai and Hagar, Hagar seemed to be the only innocent one. Being a slave, Hagar didn’t have the power to resist the demands of her masters. Today we see many people moving in and living as husband and wife without the benefit of marriage. Hagar’s story will demonstrate the fallacies of this kind of “relationship.” As soon as Hagar discovered that she was pregnant her relationship with Abram and Sarai changed forever. Sarai would become jealous of Hagar’s ability to have children. Sarai and Abramham would also come into conflict with each other over the pregnancy. Hagar was caught in the middle.

Sarai and Abram : 

Sarai and Abram Sarai made Hagar’s life miserable, so miserable that Hagar fled into the desert in order to escape Sarai’s wrath. Hagar, found herself pregnant, in the desert, miserable and failing to understand the wrath brought on her for doing that which her masters wanted. God had sent His angel to council and make a promise to this Egyptian Gentile woman. The angel of the Lord came to her and told her to return but also made promises to both her and her child (see 16:10-12; see also 17:20).

The Angel : 

The Angel The angel told her she will have a son and she is to name him Ishmael which means “God Hears.” She is also told to return to Sarai and to submit to her abusive treatment (Gn. 16:9). Again, Hagar finds herself the victim of circumstances. She believed God’s messenger and did just what he asked. Imagine her apprehension. What would become of this Egyptian slave girl and her son? She trusted that God would, in time, make all things right. She had a faith, a faith, that was stronger than that of Abram and Sarai.

Wilderness : 

Wilderness Again Hagar finds herself and her son in the wilderness because Sarai, now called Sarah, had expelled them from their home. Again, God sent an angel to reassure them that God had not forgotten His promise. She opened her eyes to discover a well. Their water was replaced and they continued to live on in the face of persecution. The last that we see of this brave and courageous woman is in the Desert of Paran on the Sinai Peninsula.

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She is trying to get a wife and secure a future for her only son, Ishmael. God helped both survive in the wilderness and with His help all went well. It’s important to remember that Hagar was alone, totally alone in the world. No friends, family or community who might have taken mercy on her. She had seen the angel. She had heard the message of God. She had been faithful to God and had been rewarded for her efforts. How many courageous women today find themselves as a single parent? The vast majority of these women have many of the same struggles that faced Hagar. With the Lord’s help, each day they put bread on the table, provide shelter and most of all provide the love their children so desperately need.

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