Adulterants in Daily Diet


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Do you know the food we are eating is adulterated.


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Recognize Adulterants in Your Food:

Recognize Adulterants in Your Food By :

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CEREALS Small stones Mud, straw, animal excreta Ergot seeds Inferior quality or infested food grains A tta sold after removing gluten (a protein) Iron Filings DALS Small stones, Mud, straw Mixing inferior quality dal Coating dal (yellow) with metanil yellow/lead chromatic to make it shiny. Kesari dal to arhar and channa dal Talcum powder to polish dals (especially urad and moong washed) to improve appearance. MILK W ater , at times unclean S tarch , blotting paper to thicken it Removing cream and adding a little sugar S kimmed milk powder and water M ixing inferior quality butter, vanaspati after extracting cream EDIBLE OIL Mixing inferior quality or less refined oil Mixing inedibleoil with edible oil eg . mobil oil Rancid oil sold as such or mixed with good quality oil O il from seed of prickly poppy ( argemone ) mixed with mustard oil Common Food Adulterants

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Adulterants We Daily Intake TEA LEAVES Inferior quality tea leaves Used tea leaves, colored dried and mixed. Leaves other than tea leaves Iron filings Outer coat of black dals like urad whole, powdered and added COFFEE Used coffee powder, colored and dried Powder of inferior quality beans mixed Mixing chicory without indicating on packet

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H armful color like metanil yellow and artificial sweeteners A luminium foil in place of silver foil B lotting paper to thicken khoya Adulterated food items like milk, maida , khoya etc. Adulterants in SWEETS

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Adulterants in SPICES TURMERIC POWDER (HALDI) Coating whole turmeric or mixing in the powder metanil yellow and lead chromate color Maida, powdered rice, powdered dal -colored yellow and mixed DHANIA POWDER & OTHER MASALAS Mud Sand Straw Saw Dust Dried Dung CHILLI POWDER Saw Dust Brick Powder Artificial Color (red) MUSTARD SEEDS Argemone BLACK PEPPER SEEDS Dried Papaya Seeds

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Adulterants can cause you and your children serious consequences so be sure whatever you are eating is not adulterated. Want to be a part of fight against Adulteration and save your children from its consequences? Visit the site

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