Trending Sports Shoes for the Modern Indian

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Sports shoes don't win races athletes do. Read all about the trending sports shoe brands that fitness freaks in India are depending on.


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Trending Sports Shoes for the Modern Indian:

Trending Sports Shoes for the Modern Indian “Sports shoes don't win races. Athletes do” Felix Dennis


With more than a billion feet to dress, India is one of the largest footwear markets. The zillion brands and multiple online and offline stores gives the consumer a multitude of options. An average person owns at least two pairs of shoes for work and outings. An aficionado would probably have more, apart from his Work and casual shoes . He would have a pair of sneakers and sometimes even a pair for party nights. Making a statement is what it’s all about. Without further adieu let’s dive into the top 5 popular sports shoe brands India.

Nike :

Nike The American brand is a global leader in Sports apparels, accessories and footwear. In India Nike has a strong loyal fan base. Their market offerings are considered to be the best. Half the people in my gym wear a pair of Nike Running Shoes . Nike has carved a name for itself with precision engineered shoes for various sports. Nike has top sports athletes on their roster to flash the Nike brand. It is the official sponsor of the Indian cricket team and the national football team. That in turn gives it a special place in the hearts of sports lovers in India.


Adidas The German sports brand was founded in 1949 after a rivalry between founding brothers. The feud gave rise to two sporting brands Adidas & Puma. Adidas is known to make premium sporting goods and is the second largest manufacture of sporting goods and apparels in the world. They sponsor legendary football teams like Manchester United and are the top sporting brand in Europe. The adidas originals and neo line of sneakers are a popular choice among the younger crowd in India.


Puma Puma was founded in 1948 before the inception of Adidas. Ever since the brothers went their own ways, both the companies have been competing for market share. Puma is the official sponsor to the football club arsenal which has legions of fans. In India Puma has targeted the cricket lovers with their Virat Kohli’s picks for Cricket goods like the Puma cricket shoes etc.


Reebok was founded in 1958 in England. It was acquired by the adidas group in 2005 and since then it has been a prominent name in the sporting industry. In India Reebok has a good foothold with sports lovers. They have been sponsors in the IPL, and have made the team kits for Royal challengers Bangalore, Rajasthan Royals etc. Their major push came when they tied up with the Indian cricket captain Ms. Dhoni . Reebok made a bat for the skipper and the fans went wild to get their hands on a Reebok Dhoni bat. Reebok

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