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Anthropology Priscilla Pham, Alfonso Mestidio , Karina Aguilera, Carolina Avila, Sabreena Singh, Thien -Y Huynh, and Nhi Doan

What is Anthropology?:

What is Anthropology? The study of humans in any times period, used to gather data on past or present, technology, philosophies and science. Example: anthropologists can study early human architecture can see how certain structures benefitted humankind and further build upon that to advance architecture today, such as the ancient Greek inspired buildings of today, such as the White House.

Paleoanthropology :

Paleoanthropology Recover the fossils record of early humans and their primate ancestors in order to understand the path of our evolution. The study of their ancestors It’s a way of knowing because it uses history and reason to understand our ancestors.

Real Life Experience:

Real Life Experience My parents were born in India and before they came to America, their behavior, culture, and traditions were based on what they observed while living in India. However after moving to America they had to use perception and language to understand the behavior of Americans. After studying and understanding the way Americans acted, my parents were able to fit into this new environment.


Language The study of language in social lives of individuals and communities. Explain very nature of language itself, including hidden connections among language, brain and behavior. By understanding how languages are used in different cultures, we are able to comprehend and develop a better understanding of different aspects and motives for cultural traditions.


Perception Perception is used in anthropology because researchers need to be able to see and observe the way human behave. They can see the differences between a variety of groups and how they act and how it could affect others. This shows how we are influenced by others and determines how we act. Therefore, our perception on anthropology can either help us or hurt us.

Example Of Anthropology:

Example Of Anthropology Today, students study the human motivation from external forces or objectives. This generally considered motives of improving, sustaining, and influences human life. In hospitals, community organizations, and in hospitals, community organizations, and international agencies such as the World Health Organization can benefit from a background in Anthropology. Medical Anthropology provides students with a solid foundation in biocultural systems and cross-cultural comparisons of medical systems.

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