I got 99 problems, but a meteor

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I got 99 problems, but a meteor ain’t one.:

I got 99 problems, but a meteor ain’t one. By: MaiDer Lee and Justin Phoungphet


Background First life on Earth were dinosaurs Dinosaurs were the dominant species on Earth at the time A 6 mile wide meteor hit Earth, killing off all dinosaurs

Point of Divergence:

Point of Divergence The meteor didn’t hit Earth, and all dinosaurs survived.

If no meteor hit:

If no meteor hit The only species on Earth which were dinosaurs would still be alive and roaming the planet assuming no other catastrophic events happened. I’M STILL ALIVE!

If dinosaurs were alive…:

If dinosaurs were alive… Humans wouldn’t be the dominant species on Earth like we are today. Dinosaurs would be the dominant species.

Dinosaurs would be the humans:

Dinosaurs would be the humans Dinosaurs would then be the smart species on Earth. Given the fact that velociraptors were a smart group of dinosaurs. They felt emotion and worked together


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