The War of 1812

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The War of 1812:

By: Priti Prasad & Sabreena Singh The War of 1812


War of 1812 was the second war between Britain and America. Causes: Impressment of American sailors by the British The British aided the Native Americans to fight American expansion onto their land. Federalist who supported anglophile culture (English culture) did not want to fight against the British Republicans who supported Francophile culture ( French Culture) wanted to declare war against Britain. James Madison declared the war of 1812 on June 19 th 1812. In 1814 the British destroyed the capital in Washington DC and America’s economy was collapsing. America forfeit and signed the Treaty of Ghent in December 24. Background

Point of Divergence :

What if president James Madison didn’t declare war on Great Britain in 1812? http :// Point of Divergence

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The Battle of New Orleans wouldn’t have occurred and Andrew Jackson wouldn’t be President. Evidence: In January of 1815 General Andrew Jackson and his troops defeated the British. This increased American pride and made Jackson famous.

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The Federalist party would still exist today We could be an aristocratic nation Evidence: During the war, the Federalist party ended because they didn’t support the war and other Americans believed that they would turn their backs in a fight against an enemy.

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Native Americans would have had enough power to stop American Expansion onto their land. Evidence: The British would have never stopped providing weapons to the Native Americans. This would prevent America from seizing Native American land.

What would Today be like?:

If The War of 1812 didn’t occur then…. We would be a smaller nation We could be an aristocratic nation We wouldn’t have gained national pride and therefore we would be a weak nation What would Today be like?

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