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What can you do with a WIKI?: 

What can you do with a WIKI? WikiWonder in a Classroom Amber Teamann Beaver MST Garland ISD 972- 494- 8301


Agenda What in the world is a wiki? Why wiki? Where to wiki? How to wiki? Wacky wikis? Wiki 911

What in the world is a wiki and why would I want to use one?: 

What in the world is a wiki and why would I want to use one? a wiki is a type of web page Wiki vs. blog a wiki allows for online collaborative creation.


a wiki is the name commonly given to any web site in which the users, or web surfers, can actually alter the web page while viewing it so that subsequent viewers are reading an entirely new page, or article. Users have the power to directly edit text, images, and links on a web site with a wiki.

Why wiki?: 

Why wiki? Provides an authentic audience Allows students to work collaboratively across any distance, social or grade barrier Excellent real world model for writing and editing Collaborators, Synthesizers, Explainers

Why wiki?: 

Why wiki? Microsoft office heading that way; will help students experience writing in a creative collaborative environment Cross curricular Free, easy, works on older slower computers

Where to wiki?: 

Where to wiki?


CQ + PQandgt; IQ Curiosity Quotient + Passion Quotient andgt; Intelligence Quotient

How to wiki?: 

How to wiki? Introduce Explain Share examples Work with your students, create TOGETHER

How to wiki? : 

How to wiki? An easy start… In the old days, you would hand out index cards and ask for student contact info, their likes, strengths, etc., but now, I just use the 'New Page' link at the top of the wiki to create an individual page! Have students create a wikipage within the course wiki. This avoids editing collisions. This gets them to create their individual page It gives students early experience editing wiki pages and contributing to the wiki. I have a class list of everyone in the room, all in one shot!










Wacky Wikis: 

Wacky Wikis

Wiki 911: 

Wiki 911

Wiki 911- Obstacles: 

Wiki 911- Obstacles Not your traditional classroom assignment Computer time Finding the 'right' assignment Administrative obstacles


Resources Vickie Davis- resources –k12 cyber conference

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