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What is Android? :

What is Android? “Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications”


FEATURES OF ANDROID APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT : Bluetooth,3G and WiFi Camera, GPS, compass, and accelerometer GSM Telephony Integrated browser based on WebKit engine Optimized graphics Rich development environment Scope enables reuse and replacement of components Supports audio, video and image formats

Operating System(s)    :

Operating System(s) Android uses Linux for its device drivers, memory management, process management, and networking. The next level up contains the Android native libraries. They are all written in C/C++ internally, but you’ll be calling them through Java interfaces. In this layer you can find the Surface Manager, 2D and 3D graphics, Media codecs, the SQL database (SQLite), and a native web browser engine (WebKit). Dalvik Virtual Machine. Dalvik runs dex files, which are coverted at compile time from standard class and jar files

Network Connectivity  :

Network Connectivity It supports wireless communications using: GSM mobile-phone technology 3G Edge 802.11 Wi-Fi networks www. syedansari . weebly . com

Android Application Development:

Android Application Development The latest Android software development kit to create custom software programs for development of various types of Android apps. The Android SDK has libraries, debugging programs, emulator and other tools, which enables Android Developer to customize software for mobile apps. Our Scope of Android Software Development Services: Multimedia Banking Travel & Tourism GPS Navigation Personal utility tools Fun Applications Online shopping ecommerce

Android Applications :

Android Applications We can develop wide variety applications in Android that includes: Business/Office Application Communication Application Multimedia Applications Travel Applications Fun Applications / Games Utility Applications Security Applications


ANDROID APPLICATION SERVICES Web-based applications development for mobile devices Java mobile applications development Android games development Mobile business software creation Third-party libraries building Multimedia and security mobile solutions Software development with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS support Communication mobile application development Utility applications design and implementation QA services for Android projects

Software development:

Software development Development requirements Java Android SDK Eclipse IDE (optional)

Future possibilities:

Future possibilities Google Android to Overtake iPhone To deploy the Android platform for every mobile operator Handset manufacturers and developers to build innovative devices Intel need to prepare for anything, including Android Android on embedded hardware, which aside from cellphones, mobile internet devices, and portable media players, could include GPS devices, thin-client computers and set-top boxes. More Android devices are coming and some will push the envelope even further

Advantages    :

Advantages There are a host of advantages that Google’s Android will derive from being an open source software . Some of the advantages include: The ability for anyone to customize the Google Android platform The consumer will benefit from having a wide range of mobile applications to choose from since the monopoly will be broken by Google Android Men will be able to customize a mobile phones using Google Android platform like never before Features like weather details, opening screen, live RSS feeds and even the icons on the opening screen will be able to be customized As a result of many mobile phones carrying Google Android, companies will come up with such innovative products like the location In addition the entertainment functionalities will be taken a notch higher by Google Android being able to offer online real time multiplayer games


Limitations Bluetooth limitations Android doesn't support: Bluetooth stereo Contacts exchange Modem pairing Wireless keyboards But it'll work with Bluetooth headsets, but that's about it. Firefox Mobile isn't coming to Android Apps in Android Market need to be programmed with a custom form of Java Mozilla and the Fennec won't have that

Conclusion :

Conclusion We can only hope that the next versions of Android have overcome the actual limitations and that the future possibilities became a reality





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