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American Literature - 2 : 

Romanticism - Modernism Mr. David Vega American Literature - 2

Course Objectives : 

Course Objectives To understand the ideals that shape the American consciousness To develop an appreciation for the uniquely diverse voices in American literature To explore a variety of literary and artistic movements To practice the critical thinking, reading, and writing skills needed to participate successfully as citizens in a democracy To prepare for the rigor of college academics 2

Literary Movements : 

Literary Movements Romanticism ~ “Anything is possible!” Longfellow Whitman Emerson Thoreau Dickinson

Literary Movements : 

Literary Movements Realism ~ “Tell it like it is.”

Literary Movements : 

Literary Movements Southern Gothic ~ “Are you sure you want to open that door?” Faulkner Perkins O’ Connor

Literary Movements : 

Literary Movements Modernism ~ “But isn’t it just a wheelbarrow?” e e cummings ezra pound william carlos williams

Writing Assignments : 

Writing Assignments Literary Persuasive Comparison-Contrast Reflective Formal Letters

Writing Skills : 

Writing Skills Correct verb usage Active voice Agreement Coordination and subordination Clear reference Placement of modifiers Parallel structure Sentence variety Punctuation

Research Skills: Social Issue : 

Research Skills: Social Issue Gathering and Evaluating Traditional and Electronic Sources Distinguishing Primary and Secondary Sources Organizing and Documenting Sources Citing Print and Electronic Sources Creating Audio-Visual Presentation Summarizing, Paraphrasing, and Integrating Info.

Vocabulary Skills : 

Vocabulary Skills The vocabulary for this course is chosen from the literature as well as vocabulary sources. We will use a number of online tools to study vocabulary.

PSSA Information : 

PSSA Information All juniors will be tested in reading and writing in mid-Spring, 2011.

Contact Info. : 

Contact Info. Email: Community Portal: Check for due dates and major assignments.

Study Resources : 

Study Resources

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