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Overpopulation : 

Stephen Kaltreider Mr. Vega English 11A Overpopulation 01 June 2009 1 http://isiria.wordpress.com

How does overpopulation effect the environment? : 

http://www.freewebs.com/levelsbirder Destruction of habitats for new developments, etc. How does overpopulation effect the environment? 01 June 2009 2 http://www.cambridgeplacehoa.com/

Which leads to… : 

Death of plants and animals… Which leads to… 01 June 2009 3 http://www.gettyimages.com/ I didn’t know if I needed to cite the picture since the site name was in the picture.

Which leads to… : 

Shortage of food… Which leads to… 01 June 2009 4 http://www.flickr.com/

Which leads to… : 

Hunger, disease, death… Which leads to… 01 June 2009 5 http://www.pediatricsnow.com/

Research Abstract : 

This project discusses how rising human populations affect Earth’s environment. According to multiple sources, if we do not change our habits, we will deplete our resources, such as oil, water, and food, and we will experience a possible decrease in population and in the economy. Getting a good education is a good way to help prevent all this from happening because you will know what effects we can have on the environment and in turn, our own population. 01 June 2009 6 Research Abstract

What causes overpopulation? : 

Birth Rate Mortality (Death) Rate (Oak) 01 June 2009 7 What causes overpopulation? http://www.secularhumanism.org/

Birth Rate : 

Also as a result of advancements in medicine, the fertility rate has increased which has led to the birth rate to increase as well (Oak). 01 June 2009 8 Birth Rate http://www.mossworld.com/

Mortality (Death) Rate : 

Due to new knowledge in medication, more people are living longer, thus causing a decrease in the death rate (Oak). 01 June 2009 9 Mortality (Death) Rate http://valemail.wordpress.com/

Effects on the Environment : 

Our natural resources get used up faster because of the rising population (Simonetta). This can lead to the human population reaching and even exceeding the carrying capacity. 01 June 2009 10 Effects on the Environment http://sitemaker.umich.edu/

What is Carrying Capacity? : 

The maximum population that an area will support without undergoing deterioration (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary). 01 June 2009 11 What is Carrying Capacity? http://www.oilempire.us/ Population after it has reached carrying capacity

What is the Carrying Capacity for Humans? : 

Scientists estimate that our planet can support from 2 billion to 147 billion people (Shah). According to the Census Bureau International Data Base, the current human population is estimated to be approximately 7 billion people by the year 2012. What is the Carrying Capacity for Humans? 01 June 2009 12 http://en.wikipedia.org

Slide 13: 

01 June 2009 13 “With powerful new electrical and diesel pumping techniques, we are draining our aquifers and lowering our water tables. We are systemically polluting our air, water, and soil, and consequently our food chain. We are depleting the stratospheric ozone that shields us from harmful ultraviolet radiation. And, we are experiencing symptoms of global warming: heat waves, devastating droughts, dying forests, accelerated species extinction, dying coral reefs, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, more frequent and intense storms, and a more rapid spread of diseases.” ~Joe Simonetta "Human Overpopulation Causes, Effects and Solutions"

Effects on the Environment : 

Some scientists believe if we use up our supply of water, the species will disappear (Hoevel). 01 June 2009 14 Effects on the Environment http://www.fpaa.com.au/news/

Effects on the Environment : 

According to Dr. Allen P. Drew, “Overpopulation means that we are putting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than we should” (Qtd in ScienceDaily). 01 June 2009 15 Effects on the Environment

What can you do? : 

There is not much that can be done to “fix” the human population as it is. You can, however, help to prevent a rapid increase in population by using contraceptives and other forms of birth control. Another good way is to get a good education, however, this will not be as effective as the one above. 01 June 2009 16 What can you do? http://www.campusaccess.com/

Works Cited : 

Hoevel, Ann. "Overpopulation Could be People, Planet Problem" - CNN.com. CNN.com - Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News. 8 Apr. 2008. 01 May 2009 http://www.cnn.com/2007/TECH/science/09/25/overpopulation.overview/index.html. "International Data Base (IDB) - World Population." Census Bureau Home Page. 15 Dec. 2008. 02 June 2009 http://www.census.gov/ipc/www/idb/worldpopgraph.html. Oak, Manali. "Causes of Overpopulation." Buzzle Web Portal: Intelligent Life on the Web. 29 July 2008. 06 May 2009 http://www.buzzle.com/articles/causes-of-overpopulation.html. Science Daily. "Worst Environmental Problem? Overpopulation, Experts Say." Science Daily: News & Articles in Science, Health, Environment & Technology. 20 Apr. 2009. 27 Apr. 2009 http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/04/090418075752.htm. Shah, Anup. "Global Warming and Population - Global Issues." Global Issues : social, political, economic and environmental issues that affect us all ? Global Issues. 01 Feb. 2007. 05 May 2009 http://www.globalissues.org/article/708/global-warming-and-population#PopulationandClimateChange. Simonetta, Jim. "Human Overpopulation Causes, Effects and Solutions." EzineArticles Submission - Submit Your Best Quality Original Articles For Massive Exposure, Ezine Publishers Get 25 Free Article Reprints. 11 Feb. 2009. 07 May 2009 http://ezinearticles.com/?Human-Overpopulation-Causes,-Effects-and-Solutions&id=1985200. 01 June 2009 17 Works Cited I’m not sure why the text overlaps toward the bottom. I’m not quite sure how to fix that. That’s why I had it on 2 slides before. I got the information from the International Data base off of a chart. I wasn’t sure if I needed to include it in my works cited. I put it in anyway just to be safe.

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