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Mobility aids SEATING SYSTEM :





THERE is a considerable overlap between the tech. used to address goals related to postural control , tissues integrity and comfort. Further many clients require seating that address 2 or more of this goals. S eating tech.. In general will be discussed, with identification of their specific application to these goals where appropriate. TECH……

This section divide into 2 components:

The design and construction of the seating system. Properties of the materials used to construct it. This section divide into 2 components

Design and construction of the seating system:

The design of the seating system refers to the degree of contouring present in the seat and the degree of adjustability that is present components in the seating components. . Pre fabricated tech… are available so that the ATP no longer needs to construct the components in the seating system. Design and construction of the seating system

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These tech… range from systems that are relatively flat, without any contouring to match the safe of the body segments they support to custom-contoured system that are constructed to match as closely as possible the body contours of the user


Planar tech… are flat surface that support the body only where it easily comes in contact with the body. Such as bony prominences. In general they are appropriate for individuals who require minimal support . . PLANAR

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Other positioning components can be added to this basic structure if additional support is required. Planer foam cushion {seat} are designed from flat blocks of foam Which can be highly adaptable


These blocks can be fabricated with one layer of the selected thickness {up to 4 inches} Selected density of foam Or they can be fabricated from multiple densities and varying thickness foam fabricate


Example A piece of stiff foam that is 1 t0 2 inches thick might be used on the bottom to provide a stable base and 1 inch thick piece of soft foam could be placed on top for pressure relief. Planar foams can also be adapted by cutting out ……… Example Under the ischial tuberosities examples

Properties of materials used :

The properties of materials used in seating system….tech…. Will assist in the selection of appropriate cushions. 5 properties of {cushion} seating materials DENSITY STIFFNESS RESILIENCE DAMPENING & ENVELOPMENT Properties of materials used


A material is a ratio of its weight to its volume… Greater density means more durable material but not always. Low density materials will fatique faster than high density ones under the same load condition. DENSITY


Stiffness of a material describes how much it gives under load. In cushion , this is the distance that the person sinks into the cushion.\ Soft materials may bottom out but failure to compress can also lead to an increase in seating pressure. stiffness

I s o:

The ISO also described the response lateral and forward stiffness that describe the response of the cushion {seat system} To lateral force I s o

Sliding resistance:

Sliding resistance is a cushion property related to friction. A cushion with high resistance . Sliding resistance

Manufacture :

Pre fabricated components are made in standard sizes to fit a wide range of individuals The seat surfaces are generally Plywood Or Molded plastic pieces To which foam has been attached. Lateral supports and abductor for pelvis and hip supports can be attached with hardware to the basic seat. Much of the hardware that interfaces the various components can be adjusted for angle depth, width Manufacture


Custom fabricated systems are made of similar materials and design as prefabricated systems, But dimension of the seating surface and components are customized to fit with individual. These system can be fabricated on site directly with the patient {client} Or specification of the pt’s {client} measurements can be sent to a manufacturer for fabrication. The density of the foam pieces can also be selected to accommodate the needs of the individual mnf

Standard contoured modules:

Contoured tech…system are useful for individual with moderate seating and positioning needs for postural management. The amount of contact that the body has with the seating surface is incresaed by contouring the seating surface to the persons body providing increased support and control Standard contoured modules

Custom contoured:

The cushion {seat system} that provides the greatest amount of body contact And therefore the most support is one that has been shaped or custom contoured Custom contoured

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