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Transformers Audience Transformers audience could be for most ages from kids to men and women in their thirties and possibly older. Although Titus Welliver , who appears in the movie, made a statement on the audience, firstly stating that the film wasn’t for kids but then released a different statement. “I misspoke in my last interview when I said that Transformers 4 was not a kids movie…what I meant was that this film, will in fact expand their target audience and bring in a bigger fan base. Following the huge success of Transformers and their toy line, it is certainly a kids movie and with the addition of Mark Wahlberg, Transformers 4 will be the coolest in the franchise.” Writer Britt Hayes of Screen Crush wrote an article of the audience for ‘Transformers 4: Age of Extinction’. ‘’After watching the first three ‘Transformers’ films and sitting through the fourth -- ‘ Age of Extinction ’ -- it becomes less and less clear who these films are really made for and what Bay’s grand cinematic purpose is beyond cashing in on brand recognition. The films are too mature and crude for children, yet too infantile for adults. They seemingly exist for man-children, and are the very embodiment of an overgrown adult playing with children’s toys.’’ ‘’Okay, sure, there’s viable media that entertains both adults and children alike -- take Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s recent ‘ The LEGO Movie ,’ or even the films of Pixar. But, those films are primarily made for a youthful audience and they appeal to the inner child in every adult. These films refuse to talk down to their target audience, which is why they feel more mature in both humor and subject matter, and why they can appeal to all ages. Michael Bay takes a weird, reverse approach with the ‘Transformers’ films: the primary target audience for these films is adults, but Bay is talking down to them as if they were children, and the humor and subject matter is exceedingly regressive.’’ Conclusion Titus Welliver is saying that films are for all ages of fans since it is expanding out to all ages of fans, whereas Britt Hayes is saying that she doesn’t understand who the fans are for and that Michael Bay is reaching out to the audience in the wrong or opposite approach to the way he should be approaching his fans.


Stereotype The stereotype of Transformers fans is a male or female, that is geeky and possibly in their late teens or in early adulthood. Although Transformers seems to target their audience of all both genders and of any age from a young child to men and women in their adulthood, from 20 to 50, the elder audience (between 35 to 50) maybe because they used to watch the original series and film, and are classed as the old school fans. Fan Sites There are numerous fan sites for Transformers, the sites don’t just include the films, they also include other Transformers related subjects such as the old series, the merchandise range, the comic books and many more. There is also a Facebook page these sites include: / / / / http:// https:// https:// The Transformers Facebook page has 6,269 likes and reveals secrets and updates about the latest film and the past films etc. the fan sites discuss topics such as the films, they also discuss the toy lines, the graphic novels/comic books, the characters from the films (as well as the actors) and many more topics that they discuss. The Transformers fan page has 2,701 likes and


UK Tribes On the website / Transformers fans could be classed as nerds, DIYers and/or Young Alts. This is what they had to say on all three of those tribes. Nerds Nerds are a little different from everyone else, and whereas being a member once relegated you to the loser corner, it’s now cool to be a bit quirky! Nerds may have diverse interests – from Marvel Comics, Manga, mastering Elvish to Dr Who – but what unites the Tribe is an acute passion for building on this knowledge. Living and breathing their area of expertise, Nerds are less likely to flit through scenes like the Young Alts. They’re self-assured and in no way image conscious, and this presents a level of confidence that’s appealing to Leading Edge Tribes ( eg the Hipsters). Online and social media has facilitated the growth of this Tribe, too. Nerds used to exist in isolation (one or two in each class), but it’s now easier to meet kindred spirits through online communities and social media. In fact, Nerds are addicted to online, so they’re rarely seen without their smartphones/laptops/tablets. When online they’ll be connecting with likeminded Nerds – from discussing trivia to streaming anime. Tweet ups are common as well, where social media is used to facilitate offline meets . DIYers This Tribe are ‘having their moment’ – a new wave of talented young producers have emerged and are gaining real recognition, from 17 year old Hucci to Bondax , Sony Music’s recent signing. DIYer poster boy Jamaal Edwards (founder of SBTV) and Rinse FM DJ Score Five  have played a role in championing UK talent, giving visibility to DIYers in the wider media and cultivating excitement around this very cool, very aspirational Tribe. Compared to the slightly older Creatives , DIYers are emerging younger and younger as they collaborate with their peers to get in to studios and use their skills as a collective – the photographer, musician, producer, director all bringing something different to the mix. They share their drive and determination with their Get Paid Crew cousins and have the ‘business attitude’ to work together and achieve. It’s an exciting time to be a DIYer – the Internet has given this Tribe a platform to flaunt their skills and there’s a feeling that with a passion for music, film and art, equipped with a MacBook Pro and some software, anyone can be a DIYer . Young Alt Young Alts are the Tribe for young people who ‘want out’ of the mainstream. It’s an entry-level Tribe, with equal split between the sexes, and members share an inquisitiveness for everything Alternative – from Grunge to Hardcore . Experimenting with art, music and fashion unites the Young Alts, who are dipping in and out of scenes like there’s no tomorrow. Tribe members are likely to gravitate towards Leading Edge Tribes once they’ve figured out what they’re most interested in, but for the time being Young Alts are happy to get stuck into as much media as they can – from reading Penguin Classics on Kindle, streaming ‘Girls’ on Netflix (even the boys) and checking out the latest music on Spotify. Skater, Emo and Hipster trends are most commonly tried and tested by the Young Alts, it’s about keeping an open mind.


Online On the website http:// their fans are referred to ‘ Transfans ’. They also have a wide variety of various aged fans. A comedic web picture about ‘ Transfans ’ Famous online ‘ Transfans ’ Ben Yee – Ben Yee is a ‘ Transfan ’ who posted on ATT ( ) and was then hired as a ‘Transformers consultant’ for the ‘Beast Wars’ series. He later worked as writer for the fan club and worked on the official story production Josh Nizzi – Josh Nizzi is most known for his movie concept of long haul in the transformers films, he also has been apart of other transformers such as Jetfire , Optimus Prime, Megatron , Shockwave, Soundwave , Laserbeak , The Wreckers and The Dreads.


Quotes on the ‘ T ransfans ’ ‘’ Transformers fans aren't the folks who just casually pick up an issue, and then read it, shrug and move on to the next thing, indifference radiating from them as they do. No, these fans care about the property and the characters. I mean they really care .’’ - Chris Ryall, foreword to The Reign of Starscream trade paperback, 2008. ‘’To their credit, Hasbro tried to warn us. They told us there was a huge and rabid fan base out there that cared deeply about all things TF.’’ - Bob Forward, foreword to the Transformers: Matrix Quest trade paperback, 2002 ‘’The fans are very vocal and we listened .’’ - Michael Bay, TFCC Toy Fair 2009 Revenge of the Fallen interview, February 17, 2009. ‘’With ‘Transformers’ we had this really rabid following. To be frank, I wanted to have some way where we could at least hear what people think .’’ - Don Murphy, Fans Get to Talk About ‘Transformers,’ and the Knives Are Unsheathed, The New York Times, July 9, 2007 ‘’It is amazing how wonderful and loyal the fans have been to us "Transformer" actors...I know Peter Cullen and I have both talked about this at length. I am happy the fans felt it was important .’’ - Frank Welker, Interview with, September 14, 2009


This is Pearl and Dean’s audience statistics for the first Transformers film. Audience This is Pearl and Dean’s a udience statistics for the second Transformers film titled Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.


This is Pearl and Dean’s audience statistics for the third Transformers film. Titled Transformers: Dark of the Moon. This is Pearl and Dean’s audience statistics for the fourth Transformers film. Titled Transformers: Age of Extinction.


Interaction / The makers of Transformers have tried to reach out and interact with their fans/audience in several ways, an example of this was a ‘’Transformers experience’’ a couple of days before the release of Transformers: Age of Extinction, this meant that fans were aloud in BotCon in Pasadena, to have a look round and look at props and vehicles with Video of the ‘Transformers Experience’


Spending Power In a report carried out in December 2012 based on spending power by all ages entitled ‘Spending Across The Generations’, under the section of cinema and theatre tickets, the report stated that ‘People aged 50-74 are spending twice as much per year as the under ‐30s on theatre and cinema tickets. Nominal spending by the under‐30s fell between 2000 and 2010, while it rose substantially among other age groups. Spending by the over 75s has more than doubled in real terms, while amongst the under‐30s it fell by over A third.’ The reason that under 30s have fell by a third when buying cinema/theatre tickets could be due to piracy and films in cinemas being uploaded onto the internet.


This table shows what the various aged people are doing on the internet. For example Youths aged between 18 – 21 are mainly using social networking sites (this is known as being a ‘Joiner’). Another example are seniors (62+) who are mainly ‘Inactive’ this means they are online yet don’t participate in any form of social media

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