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Transformers Task 3 Transformers: Age of Extinction Release date: 5 th July 2014 (UK) DVD release date: 17 th November 2014 Availability: Netflix, Showbox , Putlocker , Megashare and other various online websites. Release: Transformers: Age of Extinction was released internationally, the original version was in English for most of the variety of countries, however their was a Chinese version released for the audiences in china. In Switzerland their was a G erman speaking version for their audience.


Piracy 1. “The Wolf of Wall Street”: 30.035 million (Paramount, Dec. 25, 2013) 2. “Frozen”: 29.919 million (Disney, Nov. 27, 2013) 3. “ RoboCop ”*: 29.879 million (MGM, Feb. 12, 2014; and Orion, July 17, 1987) 4. “Gravity”: 29.357 million (Warner Bros., Oct. 4, 2013) 5. “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug ”: 27.627 million (Warner Bros., Dec. 13, 2013) 6. “Thor: The Dark World”: 25.749 million (Disney/Marvel, Nov. 8, 2013) 7. “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”: 25.628 million (Disney/Marvel, April 4, 2014) 8. “The Legend of Hercules”: 25.137 million (Summit, Jan. 10, 2014) 9. “X-Men: Days of Future Past”: 24.380 million (20th Century Fox, May 23, 2014) 10. “12 Years a Slave”: 23.653 million (Fox Searchlight, Oct. 18, 2013) 11. “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”: 23.543 million ( Lionsgate , Nov. 22, 2013) 12. “American Hustle”: 23.143 million (Sony/Columbia, Dec. 13, 2013) 13. “300: Rise of an Empire”: 23.096 million (Warner Bros., March 7, 2014) 14. “Transformers: Age of Extinction”: 21.65 million (Paramount, June 27, 2014) 15. “Godzilla”: 20.956 million (Warner Bros., May 16, 2014) 16. “Noah”: 20.334 million (Paramount, March 28, 2014) 17. “Divergent”: 20.312 million ( Lionsgate , March 21, 2014) 18. “Edge of Tomorrow”: 20.299 million (Warner Bros., June 6, 2014) 19. “Captain Phillips”: 19.817 million (Sony/Columbia, Oct. 11, 2013) 20. “Lone Survivor”: 19.130 million (Universal, Dec. 25, 2013) According to these were the top 20 movies for piracy in 2014. ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ led the table with 30.035 million, while ‘Transformer: Age of Extinction’ came 14 th 21.65 million.


Piracy Cases London Police arrested 2 men on suspicion of stealing a copy and uploading it to piracy services three weeks prior to the films theatrical release, the films was Lionsgate’s ‘The Expendables 3’. It is rumoured that Hollywood Studio’s have lost over $40 million in potential retail due to piracy over their film ‘American Sniper’ starring Bradley Cooper. AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ broke the record for the most piracy over a zombie series, this was during their midseason premier when the downloads broke the record. Over 1.29 million different internet addresses were recorded. ‘The expendable’s 3’ was rumoured to have been pirated over 5 million times, still no where to have broken the top 20 for pirated movies, however some people are blaming this for the reason it ‘flopped’. ‘Game of Thrones’ finale set a record for piracy/downloads, the final episode entitled ‘The Children’ rumoured to have had over 1.5 million downloads while ‘ TorrentFreak expects the total number of downloads to surpass 7.5 million in the coming weeks.’


https:// Advertisement - trailer At what point in the trailer are we told the film name, and why? – at the end, this could be to keep the suspense as to what the film would be called due to it being the fourth film in a film series. Why are we told who is in the film? – you don’t told any names of the actors starring in the film, however Mark Wahlberg's name is revealed at the end of the trailer, however if you watch many films then you should know some of the actors due to their popularity. What type of action do we see? – you see a variety of action including people fighting, robots fighting as well as explosions, also a dockside and a boat being partly blown up with a robot next to it also being caught by the explosion. What clues do the music give to us about the type of film? – the music suggests that it is a action film as it has a fast tempo Does the speed alter through the film or stay the same? – yes the films starts off fairly slow while setting the scene for the main human characters, then it speeds up and you see more action and scenes from the film towards the end. Which is more effective in wanting you to see the film, the poster or the trailer? – the trailer is more effective in my opinion as it shows more exclusives and lures me into wanting to see the film as it shows more action than the poster, although the poster is effective with the main human character in front of the main robot while they are both in front of the even more giant robot dinosaur with a city in the background.


Advertisement - Poster How are the main figures represented? – the figures are treated as equal while the human character is placed at the front closely to the main robot character while the dinosaur character is placed a distance away, they are shown photographically at a low angle facing upwards. Two of the main figures have weapons, this could be to show that there will be action in the film. Why isn’t the age guide on the poster? – this is so that a wider variety of people would go see it as the film is only rated at 12a which means that under 12s can go with an adult, so it wouldn’t matter either way and so that it would appeal more to people. Light and colour – the main characters and bottom of the poster are dark whereas the background is more brighter, this could be because to show the city in the background lightly while still showing the characters more importance. Text – apart from the title and credits there is only one tagline which reads ‘stand together or face extinction’, it could appeal to the audience as it plays on the title of the film, and it suggests there will be action as it something you would expect in a war/action/sci-fi film. The words ‘in earth shattering IMAX 3D’ could be another play on the title of the film as it is saying that the camera quality is good and it is luring in the audience as it is making it sound attractive and like it genuinely going to shatter the earth.


Marketing Several marketing techniques were used such as interviews with the cast or director with the poster in the background. Film trailers included nods to Transformers lore for older fans of the franchise, this was essentially to reach out to the main fan base for the franchise, because of a general negative reaction to these films within these people within the past. Another way for advertising transformers was through a way which is traditional and popular, the toy line. S everal toys were released through the franchise, which have been proven to be popular via children and the older fans who collect the transformer toys. Another way of advertising the film was to release several small scenes on the TV, days before the films release.

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