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What is the use of Control Stations in an Electrical system Guided By SPPE

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Control stations offer the choice of using remote process control signals so you can use the actuator from your selected location. The control system will be remotely located or some will be directly mounted on the actuator. This provides the complete display of controls and functions that need to be performed. At the places where the actuator is required to use locally or from some nearby location control system works best in this situation.

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CONFIGURATIONS OF LOCAL CONTROL STATIONS INTEGRAL TO THE ACTUATOR You need to control actuators from the central location if it is connected to an integral local control station. You will also get the override control right at the actuator. Challenge 2 REMOTE MOUNTED You can use mounted actuators with eye level motor controls and chain wheel systems for the remote control applications easily. This will cut down a lot of physical efforts.

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● CLOSED RED INDICATOR: ❖ This indicator makes use of aux contacts from the actuator. ❖ This indicator will illuminate when the MODE switch is set for LOCAL or REMOTE and the actuator is fully CLOSED. ● OPEN GREEN INDICATOR: ❖ This indicator also uses the aux contacts from the actuator. ❖ This indicator will illuminate once the MODE switch is set for LOCAL or REMOTE and the actuator is fully OPEN.

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● LATCH: ❖ To get access to wiring terminal blocks and actuator wiring entry you can open it with the screwdriver. ● LOCAL POSITIONING KNOB: ❖ When the MODE switch is in the LOCAL position this weatherproof potentiometer knob controls the signal generator module. ❖ You can find this module inside the enclosure to create the actuator positioning signal.

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● MODE SWITCH KNOB: ❖ This selects the actuator operating mode. If the mode is LOCAL the potentiometer mounted in the front panel will position the actuator. ❖ The actuator positioning signals come from BAS or PLC system when the mode is REMOTE. ● FEEDBACK SIGNAL: ❖ When the actuator generates the feedback signal it shows on the LCD display screen. ❖ For the proper display function the MODE switch should be on REMOTE or LOCAL position.

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● POSITIONING SIGNAL: ❖ When the control signal being sent to the actuator LCD display shows that thing. ❖ And as a function of the MODE switch the signals will automatically switch to LOCAL or REMOTE.

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SPPE is one of the leading suppliers of Cables and Electric products in Dubai. We are also the largest suppliers of control station in Dubai. For more details contact us.

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