SPFPA - What You Can Do Under the NLRA

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SPFPA: What You Can Do Under the NLRA


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SPFPA: What You Can Do Under the NLRA SPFPA™ provides the benefits of organization representation and support to thousands of security police professionals across the country. Headquartered in Roseville Michigan and comprised of more than 200 Local Charters throughout the world the International Union Security Police and Fire Professionals of America SPFPA™ serves as the voice and advocate for those who work to keep our institutions and neighborhoods safe and secure. The Right to Organize Under the National Labor Relations Act NLRA employees of any organization have the right to:  Help join or form a union.  Form a union to more effectively negotiate hours wages and other conditions of employment.  Engage in collective bargaining through representatives of their choosing for a contract that sets hours wages benefits and other terms of employment. Previous post: SPFPA: Qualities that Make Us Different from Other Security Police Unions

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 Discuss the conditions and terms of union organizing or employment with work colleagues or a union.  Organize with coworkers to improve existing work conditions. Learn more by visiting SPFPA™ today.

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