SPFPA - Reasons Workers Choose to Organize

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SPFPA - Reasons Workers Choose to Organize


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SPFPA: Reasons Workers Choose to Organize The SPFPA is focused on representing the interests and protecting the rights of security professionals around the world. Considered the largest oldest and most prominent labor organization for security professionals in the country and across the globe the Union works to defend and protect its members through anything from contract negotiation and contract enforcement to settling grievances and more. SPFPA —the International Union Security Police and Fire Professionals of America SPFPA —understands the many reasons workers choose to organize. Some of these include:  The lack of fair or consistent disciplinary procedures.  Unclear or easily misunderstood company policies.  The mistreatment of workers by ownership and management.  Unsafe or poor working conditions.  Inconsiderate discourteous and disrespectful treatment by management and/or ownership. Previous post: SPFPA: How We Operate  A general unwillingness of the company/employer to address issues around the workplace.  The persistence of unsolved grievances in the workplace.  The lack of a voice for workers in the workplace. Visit http://www.spfpalocal444.org for more information about the business.

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