SPFPA - How we operate

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SPFPA - How we operate


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SPFPA: How We Operate The SPFPA recently celebrated its 70 th year as the prominent Union for security police professionals across the country. Now with more than 27000 members and 200 Local Unions throughout the United States the International Union Security Police and Fire Professionals of America SPFPA continues to be the premier resource of the organization collective bargaining protection and representation for security police professionals in the world. A democratic union SPFPA is proud to provide members a voice when it comes to selecting their local union representatives —those who will be on the front lines in defense of their rights interests and stability on the job.

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Previous post: SPFPA: Advancing the Welfare and Interests of Members Every Local is granted a charter which then establishes the Local and its adjoining Local Executive Board. Both Local Officers and reps from each shift are elected by members across the entire facility —and each shift in turn elect representatives that provide assistance running the Local Chapter. Find out more by clicking here.

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