pressure and moments

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Pressure and Moments

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Pressure - In solids If a force is applied over a smaller surface area you get a larger pressure. Pressure can be calculated using the following equation: Newtons N Pascals or N/m 2 m 2

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Pressure increases with depth. Pressure acts equally in all directions. Pressure is transmitted through liquids. Pressure - In liquids All hydraulics systems work because the pressure is the same throughout the system.

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Moments Moments make things turn or rotate. They are caused by forces but are not forces themselves. The moment will be bigger if: The force causing the turning effect is bigger. The force is further from the pivot.

Calculating the size of a moment :

Calculating the size of a moment Moment = Force x Distance Newtons N m Nm

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Anti-clockwise Moment = Clockwise Moment BALANCED Net moment is zero

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