Commas (Appositive Phrases)

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Commas (Appositive Phrases) ,:

Commas (Appositive Phrases) , If an appositive is unessential to the meaning , It is set off by commas . Garrett , a 7 th grader , turned in his homework. The hawk , our high schools mascot , was jumping wildly.

Hyphen -:

Hyphen - A hyphen is used at the end of a text to continue to the next line. It is in certain compounds made up of nouns and prepositional phrases. My mother - in - law came over for dinner. The one - in - a - million circus came to town.

Semi colon ;:

Semi colon ; When we played football ; it was late. We we met Allison by the ticket booth ; otherwise, we would have never found her in the dark theater. Semi colons are used to connect related clauses to form a compound sentence without coordinating conjunctions. They’re used to join independent clauses, separated by a conjunctive adverb or a transitional expression.

Colons : :

Colons : A colon introduces items in a sentence. It is also used to separate a sentence from a list of similar items. I ate the following foods : pizza, apples, cookies, and cake I went to : Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and Lubbock.

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