Registering for Classes at Saint Louis University

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How to register for classes at Saint Louis University


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How to:Register for Classes : 

How to:Register for Classes Step by Step Process

Step 1: See your Advisor : 

Establish what courses you will take next semester Ensure you are on track to graduate Receive your Alternate/Registration PIN NOTE: Not all students have PINs For Undergraduates: You need to see your Mentor and your Advisor prior to registration Visit the Student Success Center site for more information about Advising Step 1: See your Advisor 2

Step 2: Determine Your Registration Date : 

If you are a Graduate Student, Professional Student, or in the School for Professional Studies: Your registration date is the first day of registration according to the Academic Calendar If you are an Undergraduate: Use the Registration Classification Worksheet to determine your student classification Find the registration date on the Registration Calendar on this webpage Step 2: Determine Your Registration Date 3

Step 3: Establish your Schedule : 

At SLU registration is driven by Course Reference Number (CRN) Use one of the following methods to obtain the CRNs for your desired class sections The Open Courses website Updated daily Banner Self-Service Class Search Instructions on this method are on the Class Schedule Search website Banner Self-Service Class Search updates in real time We recommend students locate CRN’s for alternate courses/sections/schedules Step 3: Establish your Schedule 4

Step 4: Register : 

Registration opens at 7:00am on each of the designated registration dates The Office of the University Registrar opens at 7:00am on these dates to assist students Login to you’re MySLU account Click on the Student tab Click on Add or Drop Classes Step 4: Register 5

Step 4: Register (Continued) : 

Select the appropriate term and click Submit Step 4: Register (Continued) Enter your Alternate / Registration PIN if prompted to do so and click Submit 6

Step 4: Register (Continued) : 

Enter your CRN’s from step 3 into the boxes and click Submit Changes Banner will now process your registration If you need to locate CRN’s use the greyClass Search button Step 4: Register (Continued) 7

Step 4: Register (Continued) : 

Results Step 4: Register (Continued) Matthew successfully registered for THEO 100 03 Matthew received a registration error for PHIL 205 If he does not understand the error he will visit the Registration Errors website for an interpretation Matthew will continue to enter CRN’s to finish his schedule 8

Step 5: View Your Schedule : 

At the bottom of the Add or Drop Classes page click on View Student Schedule Step 5: View Your Schedule You may also go directly to your Schedule by: MySLU → Tools Tab → Banner Self-Service → Student → Registration → Student Schedule 9

Frequently Asked Questions : 

Who is my Advisor? Use Banner Self Service to determine your advisors, on Tools Tab in MySLU Student → Student Records → View Student Info → Go to all Mentor/Advisor Listing What if I have a Hold? Students receive E-mails whenever holds are applied to their account with the name of the hold Visit the Holds Website for information on how to resolve your hold Frequently Asked Questions 10

FAQ’s continued : 

Banner tells me “You are not permitted to Register at this time” Ensure you selected the correct term Ensure today is your registration day Call or E-mail the Office of the Registrar or (314) 977 2269 FAQ’s continued 11

The Staff of the Office of the University Registrar thank you for taking the time to view this video : 

The Staff of the Office of the University Registrar thank you for taking the time to view this video We sincerely hope this instructional video was helpful.If you have any suggestions please e-mail

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