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Brief introduction to hacking Slides with only pictures are nly for illustrations collect info about the people given in the pic this is my first upload so guys :P be gentle :D


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Name this famous person ?: 

Name this famous person ?

Any guess for this person ???: 

Any guess for this person ???


Hacking Authorized or unauthorized attempts to bypass the security mechanisms of an information system or network

Who is a “HACKER” ? : 

Who is a “HACKER” ? Someone who bypasses the system’s access controls by taking advantage of security weaknesses left in the system by developers

Types of Hackers: 

Types of Hackers

White-hat Hackers: 

White-hat Hackers The good guys who identify the security weakness of the system or network and inform the owner about them

Black Hat Hackers: 

Black Hat Hackers A black hat is the villain or bad guy , who crash into victim’s security to steal information and destroy the victims security network . Also known as ‘cracker’.

Grey hat Hackers: 

Grey hat Hackers A grey hat , in the hacking community, refers to a skilled hacker who is somewhere in between white and black hat hackers

Other types of hackers : 

Other types of hackers Script kiddies. Phreaks Ideological hackers Underemployed adult hackers

Why do people hack ?: 

Why do people hack ? To make security stronger ( Ethical Hacking ) Just for fun Show off Hack other systems secretly Notify many people their thought Steal important information Destroy enemy ’ s computer network

Language of hackers: 

Language of hackers 1 -> i or l 3 -> e 4 -> a 7 -> t 9 -> g 0 -> o $ -> s | -> i or l |\| -> n |\/| -> m s -> z z -> s f -> ph ph -> f x -> ck ck -> x

PowerPoint Presentation: 

Example : 1 d1d n0t h4ck th1s p4g3, 1t w4s l1k3 th1s wh3|\| 1 h4ck3d 1n I did not hack this page, it was like this when I hacked in .

World famous hackers: 

World famous hackers Stephen Wozniac Tsutomu Shimomura

PowerPoint Presentation: 

Kevin Mitnick Kevin Poulsen

Random Fact !!!!: 

Random Fact !!!! The average age group of hackers are aged between 14-24 yrs. …

Did you know ?: 

Did you know ? Social networking sites like ‘FACEBOOK’,’GMAIL’,’YAHOO” comprised of 60% of direct or indirect hacking incidents.

Most popular virus: 

Most popular virus Links involving private pictures of celebrities. Links showing pictures of famous personalities like Gaddafi’s dead body or videos of Osama Bin Laden’s killing.



Another popular scam : 

Another popular scam Facebook lottery scam.

Popular Hacked sites: 

Popular Hacked sites www.jntu.ac.in was hacked on 7 Nov 2010. www.songs.pk was hacked on 15 July 2011. Songs.pk JNTU homepage after it was hacked

Preventive measures : 

Preventive measures Install a strong anti-virus Always run a anti-virus check before you download a program or a file from the internet. Avoid disclosing personal details like phone number, credit card details to strangers.