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Locato is a healthcare concierge, we aim to help you locate your ideal doctor as per your case, we give a wide range of services, some of our specialisations are a Root canal, teeth whitening, orthodontist and kids dentistry treatments.


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—Vaibhav Rathore LOCATO COMPANY 2

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• We study your family’s history and give customized preventive health solutions • We offer a comprehensive solution via a single-point-of-access to address all pain points • Discovery : by helping you to decide which doctor hospital lab etc. to use • Access : by arranging timely appointments with them • Record and Alerts : by managing your health record and sending you the relevant notifications • Second Opinion : by getting the second opinion for you when needed from one of the global experts • Navigation : by hand-holding you through your healthcare experience 3

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In today’s world Patients face a dilemma situation regarding any treatments: ➢ Which hospital/clinic to approach ➢ Does that hospital cater these treatment. ➢ Which doctor’s will cater my diagnosis ➢ How much experienced that doctor is ➢ Will I have to wait in long queues to get an appointment Locato solve all these queries for Patients 4

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5 Root Canal Treatment Teeth Whitening Laser Dentistry Orthodontist Treatment Kids Dentistry

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Root canal Therapy is the best option to save your teeth when its pulp is badly deteriorated or infected. A root canal is recommended for people who have a severely cracked injured or decayed tooth and causes pain because of inflammation and infection. The only treatment to these problems is root canal treatment. 6

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Nerves of the tooth is commonly known as pulp pulp comprises of : • Connective tissue • Blood Vessels • Nevers 7 Tooth cross section Detail showing cellular components of the pulp

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When You Need to get Root Canal Treatment • Decaying of the tooth. • Red or white patches on the gum area • Severe tooth pain while chewing or applying pressure. • Prolonged Sensitivity to cold or hot 8

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➢ Hassle-free and smooth access to medical facilities for rural patients by bringing them under the ambit of Nationwide Urban Healthcare network. ➢ Utilizing easy to use uncomplicated mobile phone technology to bypass distance and connecting patients directly to a medical facility of their choice. ➢ Complementing and strengthening the T elemedicine framework in the rural areas Our Vision 13

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14 Call Us/WhatsApp +917905160281

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