Everything You Should Know About Power Cords - An Infographic

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Looking to buy a suitable power cord? Here is all you need to know. https://www.sfcable.com/blog/everything-know-power-cords-infographic/


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Everything You Should Know  About Power Cords: An  Infographic      When you have so many options to choose your power cords                       it can be overwhelming sometimes. While you are looking to                     buy it for a particular application it is important to have a                         basic understanding. This infographic will give you a 360 view                     of ​power cords ​ and its applications.             1

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Power cord - Used For              2

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Polarized vs Non-Polarized                  3

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Major Standards    4

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NEMA Cords  They are commonly adopted in most North American                 countries. NEMA 5-15P plus are widely used in sockets.        5

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Know Your Power Cords    6

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