Learn Why NEMA Power Cords are Here to Stay

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All about why NEMA power cords are the standard cords used in North America. And the ease their standard power cords provide to the people in North America. Read http://bit.ly/2GTpAlI


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Learn Why NEMA Power Cords  are Here to Stay    Slowly but not all together steadily we are progressing                   towards a wireless world. Batteries when they are not                   exploding or heating your device seem to be working well                     enough. But these batteries also need regular charging. And by                     regular I mean once a day. And with the use of electricity                         comes the need to talk about power cords.        You don’t need to be an expert to know that there are multiple                           types of power cords and connectors. This depends on the                     countries and their standards.  1

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In North America the ​National Electrical Manufacturers               Association ​ or NEMA is the biggest manufacturer of power                   cords. They are also the standard in the continent.    There are mainly 2 variations of NEMA power cords:                   ungrounded and grounded. The ungrounded has two flat                 blades while the grounded has one ground pin and two flat                       blades. Most household appliances use the grounded power                 cords for their electronics.    Appliances that use the NEMA power cord in the                   household:  Some appliances have a detachable cord like a laptop.                   Whereas appliances like toasters or blenders have the wire                   connected to the machine.  Laptops:  Most laptops come with ​NEMA power cords split into two. The                       NEMA power connector side connects to an adapter that                   2

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converts the AC to DC. Because while Alternative Current is                     more stable Direct Current operates at lower voltage which is                     what your laptop can withstand. The laptop is a                   battery-operated device which means it only needs to                 recharge the battery with the use of low voltage. The adapter                       has a cable that in turn connects to the laptop.    Kitchen appliances:  A refrigerator uses a grounded power cord because it runs on                       a high voltage. And therefore it needs the earthing connection                     for the protection of the user and device itself from high                       voltage. Compared to that a toaster has an ungrounded NEMA                     power cord because it functions on low voltage.  Entertainment setup:  An entertainment set comprises of a TV speakers a streaming                     device and a gaming console. All of these gadgets use ​Power                       cords of a lower voltage. The TV’s power connects directly to                       3

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it whereas a streaming stick can have a power cord that                       detaches from it. Soundbars and gaming consoles have                 detachable cords to keep them mobile.    Smart home appliances:  The idea of an intelligent home is no longer a dream. It is a                             reality. With endless gadgets it includes you have the                   constant power supply to worry about. This is where smart                     plugs come in. The plugs that you can turn off and on without                           physically pressing them. You can also schedule their working                   time thus automating tasks like starting your coffee machine                   at 8 am or turning off your lights and fans when you leave the                             4

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house for work every day. These smart plugs are also                     compatible with the power outlets that are in homes.    Talking about other gadgets that require less voltage to                   function and that don’t work on batteries have a power cord                       coming straight out of it. Since this is universal in the US you                           can live anywhere in the country without having to worry                     about your appliances working. Wall sockets accept the NEMA                   power cords directly.    These cables however cannot carry data and electricity side                   by side. They can only carry electricity. This is what makes                       them the standard for all gadgets. Not all equipment needs                     data most just need electricity and this does a great job of                         providing just that.  Conclusion:  While power cords have changed for plenty of gadgets now                     due to their increasing need for data transfers the NEMA cord                       remains in wide use for electronics.  5

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Even though USB wall sockets are used the NEMA power                     cords are not going away anytime soon. The topmost reason                     for this is that the USB standard changes more frequently than                       the old and universally accepted NEMA standard of                 ungrounded and ground power cords.    This Article is Originally Posted here ​Learn Why NEMA                   Power Cords are Here to Stay    If you found this Blog useful here are some other Blog post                         that may be of interest.    Nema Power Cords Vs. IEC Power Cords- Difference Revealed  Different Types of NEMA Power Cords You Must Know About  Extension Power Cord and its Wide Array of Uses    6

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