How to Find Out If Your Ethernet Cables Are Authentic or Not

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The authenticity of Ethernet Cables is quite important as you employ it for better connectivity. Before you go buying them, there are certain considerations you must make. This blog will take you through some pointers which will help you decide if you have chosen the right Ethernet Cable.


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How to Find Out If Your Ethernet Cables Are Authentic or Not We do not take cables seriously. And that being said we tend to buy the connectors for our precious devices from anywhere we like. Sometimes from a friend sometimes from a brick and mortar store nearest to our houses and sometimes online. Least aware that there is a huge market of counterfeit ethernet cables out there which can be a real disappointment So what are fake cables like How are they different from the authentic ones Well just so that you know there are several companies that sell shady ​ethernet cables advertising them as genuine and it is a problem of around 500 billion. This happens because 1

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customers do not mind buying cheaper cables if they save their money. Probably they tend to forget that these “cheap cables” result into slow networks and interruptive video audio and data transmission. Whether you buy ethernet or bulk cables consciously or by being unaware there are certain parameters you can check to figure out their authenticity. Let’s find out how you can do so: Is Copper Replaced With Other Materials Genuine Cat5e Cat6 or Cat6a ethernet cables are made using 100 solid copper. Some manufacturers make and sell copper clad aluminum and copper clad steel cables for cheap so that they can cut on the costs. If your cables have steel or aluminum core they are sure to give you poor signals and high attenuation. Goes without saying that it will also affect the working and speed of your network. So make sure you find out what the interior of your cables consists of and you would know whether it is fake or genuine. Have They Been Created Using Re-Ground Plastic 2

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The RJ 45 connectors that get rejected during quality testing are usually reground to pellets and are made into new connectors by merging them with the plastic. Although it is not illegal to do so using a lot of reground plastic can it can result into low combustion rating. Hence if the connector you are using has a foggy colored yellow plastic you can assume that the manufacturers made it using low-quality plastic. Some manufacturers also replace the gold parts on the metal with selective plating or gold flash which form corrosion quite early. If you find this difficult to figure out or are skeptical don’t think twice before asking the retailers whether they have or have not used reground plastic. Is The Jacket Material Of Substandard Quality This is important to check especially if you are buying ​bulk network cables ​. Several manufacturers replace the CRM and CMP flammability rating with an inferior quality jacket material which is not fireproof. Though all cables do not need to follow these standards cables must have them. 3

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If you do not wish to get into the trap of buying counterfeit cables you must get in touch with a trustworthy and standardized company that sells legitimate products. Also there are several companies that sell ethernet cables online. So you can make price comparisons read customer reviews and place an order. Wrapping Up … It is important to consider small details like observing the box in which you have received the cables know where your cables have come from and know whether you have bought from a genuine resource. If you think that you have been cheated it is a criminal violation of building code regulations. So you can go against the company in question and ensure that you get all due justice. If you are based in USA and are looking for certified and standardized ethernet cables online you are sure to find them at cost-effective prices through SF Cable. All you need to do is go through the products available on our e-store and place an order in few clicks. 4

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We provide lifetime warranty on cables and non-electronic products. Also if you do not like our products you can return it within 60 days and we will give you with full refund on it. Have you ever had an experience of using counterfeit cables Did they have any adverse effect on your equipment Feel free to share with us 5

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