Some FAQs About Ethernet Cables Answered!

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If you have questions about Ethernet Cables and their types, this article will answer most of them in the most understandable manner. Go through the list of questions and their articulate answers about Ethernet questions. To Know More :


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Some FAQs About Ethernet Cables Answered Hear the word “ ​Ethernet Cable ​” and you will start thinking about different cables and their types that you have come across. Tangled in a world of confusion you start searching about them. And bam You come across several types of ethernet cables to perplex you even further. Well we do not blame you If you are not much aware of the technology knowing about cables can be overwhelming. Also engineers have way more knowledge about cables and their functionalities as compared to a layperson. To help you get over your confusions we have come up with some of the most frequently asked questions that will give you more understanding about Ethernet Cables and how they work. Look at some of them given below: ​ 1

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Q. What is the purpose of Ethernet Cables A: Ethernet cables have the potential to connect different technological devices through a single local area network. You will ​Ethernet cords attached to different devices like televisions game consoles computers and switches. Q. What does the inside of Ethernet Cables look like A: Ethernet cables have an outer jacket with four twisted pair of wires. These twisted cables prevent the interference that arises within the pairing. Q. What are the different types of Ethernet cables available in the market A: Category 5e Cat5e and Category 6 Cat6 are the most popularly used industry standard cables. Q. CAT5 and CAT6 – Explain the difference please. A: The first difference of course is the bandwidth rating. CAT5E stands for ​CAT5 enhanced and it has a higher bandwidth as compared to CAT5. The bandwidth of CAT6 is higher than CAT5E. So with CAT6 one can transfer more data at high rates. Most of the ​CAT6 cables use RJ45 connectors and you can interchange them based on your bandwidth requirements. ​ 2

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Q. What are the benefits of using Cat6 Ethernet cables A: CAT6 Ethernet Cables are compatible with all its older versions without any modifications. It makes use of the standardized twisted pair. You might find CAT5 and CAT5E of good quality but CAT6 undergoes stringent testing for system noise and crosstalk. Also CAT6 Cables give you up to 250 Megahertz MHz of performance. Q. Tell me about the maximum length of CAT6 Cable A: A CAT6 cable can have the maximum length of 328 feet. There is a 295 cabling between the patch panel and wall jack and sixteen feet of stranded patch cable between two jacks and attached devices. Q. So what is CAT7 Cable CAT7 is the latest Ethernet Cable standard. It is backward compatible with CAT5/5E and CAT6 cable. It offers durability and speed and support up to 10 Gbps. However the testing of these ethernet cords has proved that it has the potential to transmit up to 40 Gb at 50 meters. It comes with an extensive shield that lessens signal loss and need special GigaGate 45 connectors. We hope the above given frequently asked questions gave you a better understanding of Ethernet Cables. Watch out this space to know more about Ethernet Cables Power Cables Connectors HDMI adapters and more ​ 3

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