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Written by the founders of Suave Sales, "A More Persuasive You" is an introductory guide to the mastery of persuasion and sales! You will not find a better eBook on sales! ...and it's free!


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A GUIDE TO A More Persuasive You An introductory course about sales persuasion BRENNAN ZIELINSKI BEN MATTEUCCI Founders A Publication of Suave Sales

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Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1: What’s In Your Head Chapter 2: Confidence Is Key Chapter 3: Make Your Move Chapter 4: It’s Not What You Say Conclusion

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INTRODUCTION The art of successful communication is a priceless and valuable skill a learned asset which if taught and applied will increase the quality and success of every individuals life. No matter how old experienced or accomplished you may be this information WILL benefit your life positively Though it is true some are inherently more adept in their communication skills anyone willing to learn and develop a growth mindset on the topic will have much greater success than those who do not - so congrats on already committing to your success by downloading this book A More Persuasive You

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What’s In Your Head Positivity is a Must Since you’re reading this chances are that you are hungry for more more sales more productivity and a higher level of success. You have a “goal” or “task” that you must accomplish. Whether it be meeting a “quota” or increasing your overall income all of this starts with your Mindset. The future of your career the influence and control you have in your industry- is 100 dependent on your mindset. •Evaluate Yourself: Why do you need more money What is the motivation behind your drive and ambition The more you think about your internal motivates the easier it will be to set realistic goals that you feel INSPIRED to accomplish •Empathize With Your Customers: What is the REAL benefit you are providing How can that benefit be measured Do you have an ETHICAL DUTY to market your product or services These answers should help you to recognize what you are able to do for others and whether or not it truly benefits them. Your answers should help solidify your confidence and the passion for whatever it is that you are selling. The answers you discover should give you purpose. No matter how big or small the sale is you can always find a benefit for your prospect. You must truly and passionately believe in YOUR ability to help them. Mindset Is Everything

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“ Once your mindset changes everything on the outside will change along with it Steve Maraboli “

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Confidence Is Key Do you have confidence in your product but not in your sales ability The point in completing the exercises is Chapter 1 was to create a sense of “self assurance”. When you are sure of what you are doing you will have the confidence to fight and push for your end goal. This is critical in determining the outcome of your sales Have you ever heard someone say “it practically sold itself” Yes Us too But 9 times out of 10 the sale was NOT made due to an outstanding product. It was the individual representing that product who did an outstanding job communicating the benefits of that product In fact that particular sales rep did such a great job that the buyer didnt even feel the pressure of being “sold”. Instead they made the decision on their own. Open The Door

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“ Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. Helen Keller “

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Make Your Move “Sales” is not a game of offence. Nor is it of defense. Think of it like chess you must always maintain an effective course of action. Depending on your opponents move you may change your course of action but rarely do you “wing it”. Also remember you should be talking only 20 of the time and listening 80 “Knowledge brings confidence and confidence brings power” TIP 1: Know EVERYTHING about your product/service It is extremely important that you do your homework and learn your product inside out. The goal is to project an image of authority to your customers. Be the individual that is sought after for advice and most importantly be a PROBLEM SOLVER. TIP 2: Sell SOLUTIONS not products/services Example: People don’t care about HOW your pest control product is going to kill their bugs they just want to know that they won’t ever have to WORRY about the spiders and ants in their home ever again Understand their emotions behind the problems and offer an effective solution that will relieve their pain TIP 3: Practice Your Pitch Do it in front of a mirror daily and record yourself to understand how you’re coming across to others Preparing For The Sale

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“ Expect the best prepare for the worst and capitalize on what comes. Zig Ziglar “

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It’s Not What You Say In order to effectively “sell” anything a product service or idea you must first be able to interpret the different communication signals that are projected by your audience In the most simple of terms there are 3 main types of human communication. 1. Verbal: the use of sounds words to convey a message. 2. Written: Any type of message that involves the use of written words or phrases. 3. Non-Verbal: the use of a persons body language to convey any particular message. 93 of human interaction is communicated through the use of nonverbal communication The way that you speak your words accounts for 38 this is commonly referred to as “Paraverbal communication”. Body language is at 55 that’s over half. The other 7 Well that of course is through Verbal communication or what you actually say. Non-Verbal communication is of the utmost importance This includes your overall demeanor how you carry yourself the tone of your voice and what you do while you speak. Learning to control what your body is saying to the people around you is probably the most important lesson in this entire book It’s HOW You Say It

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People might not always TELL you how they feel but they will always SHOW you. Pay attention

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