Moving Your Plants with the Expert Removalist in Sydney

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Home moving can be difficult, especially if you have plants. But when you have an expert removalist in Sydney by your side, your move with plants can get easier. Read our blog to know more:


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Moving Your Plants with the Expert Removalist in Sydney Do you have house plants that need to be shifted to your new place Of course you cannot leave them behind given the time and effort that you have spent in growing them. However moving living plants is different than shifting lifeless objects in many ways. You may want to handle it all by yourself but there can be hurdles in the process. The best way to go about it is by hiring an expert removalist in Sydney. Apart from transporting your plants to the new home professionals can enlighten you on the various other factors that need to be kept in mind for everything to go smoothly. So find here how a removalist can plan and facilitate easy moving of your plants.

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1. Take the season into account: If you are moving in the summer season think again. With the temperatures so high and dry winds blowing throughout the day surely you wouldn’t want to damage the roots and see your plants die. Plan your move from beforehand so that you can move in other seasons and not in summer. However if you are obligated to move in warm months make sure you take additional safety measures when moving your plants. 2. Hydrate and trim your plants: Trimming all the extra branches and dead leaves is a sureshot way to keep your plants healthy while moving. Moreover plants need to preserve maximum energy while relocating and trimming can help them in doing so. If you don’t trim the unnecessary dead parts your plants will be wasting energy on them and thereby increasing the risk of damage. And the best part is you can even trim your plants just 24 hours before the final moving day. 3. Uprooting and storage: Were your plants kept in big heavy pots It is time to take out and place them in tough plastic containers. While loading such heavy pots in the trucks they have a high chance of slipping off and getting damaged. On the other hand if you place the plants inside durable plastic containers a few weeks before your final moving day not only does it become easier for Sydney removalists to move them safely but you also ensure complete protection to your plants. 4. Loading them carefully in the truck: It must be known to you that plants are equally sensitive like a pet if you have one. Their survival chances are reliant on the environment they are staying in. When handling them cautiously you must also be aware of where your plants are getting placed inside the truck. Your professional removalist in Sydney may keep them at the end in a separate corner. Also make sure the other items don’t stumble upon your poor plants 5. Hard facts that cannot be ignored: Moving will have some effects on your plants and you cannot prevent them from occurring. You might find some leaves turning yellow and falling. Don’t panic The leaves will again start growing in a few days time. Once you reach your new home immediately take them out from the plastic

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containers keep them in a proper place and water them. And don’t forget to put the plants back again in their old favourite pots. Conclusion: Moving home with your plants can be difficult. They require enough care and attention during the entire moving procedure. Besides when you have an expert removalist in Sydney you can expect to have a trouble-free move even with your leafy friends. To know more about our removalist services contact us at – 0414 478 686 Source: removalist-sydney/ ----------------------------------- Sydney Domain Furniture Removals Email ID: Phone No.: 0414478686 / 7059153147 Visit Us: Stay Connected Via:

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