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SBS Consulting Pte Ltd, a Singaporean software company, has an innovative web-based Payroll System for the SME owners in Singapore. The tool allows them to streamline their payroll-related functions. The firm also has other packages like CRM System, Doctor & Clinic Management System, School & Tuition Management System.


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Adopt Innovative Payroll System Master Your PayDay A next generation payroll system is a much-needed tool to streamline the payroll processing of a concern. Doing the task manually is certain to land today or tomorrow the management in trouble. The manual processing is cost saving option for the business having very few employees. It is also a practice that the management should grow out of when the business begins to grow.

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Implementation of Singapore Payroll Software can Ease Your Workload The reason for the upgrading the payroll function by adopting a sound payroll system is simple enough. It enables the management in avoiding blunders while calculating the salaries of the employees of the business. It is very much important in maintaining the positive relationship with the workforce and keep off the radar of the government agencies that are tasked with the enforcing of the mandate of law. As per the provisions of the Employment Act of Singapore the companies formed in Singapore needs to pay their employees within the 7 days of the end of business payment cycle. Implementing a web-based payroll software Singapore assists the management in the discharge of the function accurately. Avoiding mistakes in the calculation of the salaries that the manual processing can introduce in the task by using a state-of-the-art payroll software goes a long way in maintaining the brand image of the business. The unblemished compliance record makes the business an attractive proposition to the talented professionals searching for opportunities to better their career prospects.

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Payroll Software Singapore to Streamline Your In-house Processes Todays innovative payroll system software comes loaded with the features and integrated modules that prove valuable to the HR staff in streamlining of the following tasks: ● Employee Management ● Master Setup Management ● Company Management ● Payroll Management ● Leaves Management ● Attendance Time-sheet Management ● Claims Management ● Progression Planning

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Payroll Software Singapore to Streamline Your In-house Processes ● Reports and Enquiry Management ● Email and SMS Management ● Reports and Dash Boards ● Schedule Management ● Tracking ● Reporting ● Bio-metric Finger Scan Attendance support ● Billing Invoice Management

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Benefits of Payroll Software ● Singapore payroll software uses bio-metric finger scanners to automate the attendance recording. These tools successfully prevent proxy or buddy punching and loss of revenue to the company. ● The payroll system maintains the highly accurate time- sheets of each employee. The data enables the companies to accurately calculate salaries of its employees. ● The software provides them with ready-made payroll data. In this regard Singapore payroll software tools truly outclass the manual methods of collecting and maintaining HR data. It is a fact that large business entities harness the power of innovative payroll system to improve their payroll function. However small businesses also have the option of using these tools.

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Benefits of Payroll Software ● The system takes care of the CPF contribution statutory levies and donations incentive insurance loans holidays leaves medical benefits and allowances as per the employee’s grade. ● The manufacturers of the payroll systems update the software whenever there are changes in the payroll- related laws and regulations. It really works to the benefit of employers. They do not have to keep track of the changes. Relying on the updates they could go ahead with the task. ● The payroll software assists the HR Staff and simplifies the progression planning enquiry management. It provides the management with the different types of reports. ● The payroll software Singapore is user-friendly tool. They enable employees to communicate with the management with the help of Emails and SMSs.

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The beauty of implementing a module-rich payroll system is that it automates the task and frees the professionals that are involved with it. The management can reassign these individuals to the core goals the business which is of importance as the payroll processing is a non-core task. The faultless execution of the task is vital for ensuring the statutory compliance of the business but it does not generate any revenue or profit for it. That is why the business owners should go through all the options they have for automating as many as their internal processes as they could.

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