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Is it necessary for the educational institutes to implement an online school management software Yes it is of at most importance to adopt the latest school management software. The time has changed. The advances in the technologies have overtaken traditional ways of managing things. The schools have no option but to match their strides with the change by adopting a school administration software Singapore. What do you think todays parents do when they want to enroll their kids in a school They go online and research a number of them to find the one most suitable for their children. If it is true where does it leave your school Can they find it on the internet Well does it even have an online presence Sooner or later you will have to answer these and other questions and decide on the necessity of a school management software for your center.

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The Need for an Online School Management System A web-based student management system Singapore assists the schools in student management. It streamlines the time-consuming tasks like student registration and enquiry student attendance recording student grades fees management etc. The online tuition software automates the day-to-day tasks of an educational center and allows the management to improve the efficiency of their organization.

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Searching for a Web-based School Tuition Management Software System An online school management software compliments administrators efforts. The system helps them in better management of inherent aspects of a school like ● Parent Management ● Teacher Management ● Integrated Teacher schedule ● Resource Allocation Management ● Multiple Branch Management ● Course Management ● Class Scheduling Rescheduling ● Class Administration ● Exam Management ● Reports Cards ● Fees Management ● Finance Management ● Bio-metric Attendance Using Finger Scanners ● SMS Email Reminder Management

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SMS Email Management - Alerts and Reminders The major advantage of using a web-based school management system Singapore is that it simplifies the communication with the parents. Its SMS Email Reminder Management module assists the schools staff in sending pending fees alerts and reminders to the parents with ease. In a traditionally managed school the staff has to use telephones and call each of the parents manually and hold a lengthy conversation with them and explain the fees situation. It leads to the waste of money and literally a number of precious work-hours for the staff. The net-savvy parents prefer the use emails and SMSs as this means of communication leaves them undisturbed at their office.

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They can go through the messages at their convenience before taking proper actions. Yes the use of an integrated School and Tuition Management System Software has the potential of influencing the cash flow of a school in a positive manner. Updating parents regularly about the fees status of their kids increases the cash flow of the school. It also leads to the better utilization of the costly human resource as the schools can reassign them to other more important tasks needing human intervention.

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Bio-metric Attendance Recording A state-of-the-art school management software uses bio-metric finger scanners to record the attendance of the students. In a traditionally managed school it is the teachers first task upon entering the classroom. The data registered by the scanners is tamper-proof and gives the students no opportunity of bunking their classes etc. They enable the schools to fully capitalize on the capabilities of the teachers by taking care of a big time-wasting task of attendance. The teachers get to start with the days learning right after entering the classrooms.

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The data captured by the school administration software Singapore is stored on the web servers. The system uses security matrix and enables the school administrator as the Super User to grant access privileges to other staff members. Only authorized members can access the data pertaining to their work which goes a long way in protecting its sanctity. The data once captured by the system is available to the concerned departments and they do not have to re-enter it for their use. It saves time and efforts. Moreover an online school management software enables an educational institute to become a paperless organization.

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