Dos And Don’ts To Remember During Bathroom Renovations Sydney

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Most homeowners are in this misconception that the project of bathroom renovations Sydney is pretty easy to undertake and doesn’t require the interference of experts. For more details check out here:


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Most homeowners are in this misconception that the project of bathroom renovations Sydney is pretty easy to undertake and doesn’t require the interference of experts. To some extent they are right that if done smartly it can be really easy but if you think that you will not need any expert professional you are in illusion. Avoiding their services can force you to make some costly mistakes and most importantly there will be no one to plan with you or for executing your plan flawlessly. In this post we review some top dos and don’ts related to getting your bathroom renovated as per your specifications. • The first thing to do is skipping hiring a plumber and look for a builder especially the one having expertise in bathroom renovations Sydney. • The benefit would be that you’ll have a professional who will be able to help you with all his experience and proficiency. • Using his vast knowledge he’ll oversee the entire project right from demolition to completion and organise the correct sequence of trades. • Their services will be very handy especially if you have no familiarity with project management Sydney as these professionals will do this for you and deliver outstanding results within the set deadlines.

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• The task of bathroom renovations Sydney includes a number of things out of which several things can be handled through DIY. • But this does not mean that you have the calibre to carry out the entire project through DIY as there are lots and lots of things that require the attention of experts. • Take waterproofing for example that if not done correctly can lead to demoralizing and expensive consequences. • The same is the case with plumbing related things that sound easy to do but are really hard to finish in such a way that they cause no expenses at all for at least 5 years. • In some areas DIY will void your house insurance and there could be significant fines and it can result into a disaster if an appliance hasn’t been installed accurately. One more step is that you should buy only the products that comply with Australian standards. • For some this might be sad news especially for those in a love affair with designer Italian plumbing and decorative accessories. • But in the long run this would be extremely beneficial for the users. • Firstly you’ll be assured that all the products installed in your bathroom are marked "Australian Standard Watermarks" and this is something absolutely mandatory unless you migrate out of Australia. • The rules are so severe that any licensed and legitimate plumber would refuse to install them if they don’t comply with the required standards and parameters. • Therefore you need to be very careful at the time of buying and make sure that you buy only from the reputed suppliers of accessories and products.

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• Don’t ignore antiquated pipe work • Replace all water pipes and connections with copper or reputable plastic pipe • Do avoid over-capitalising • Don’t move pipe work if you can help it • Be aware that water pipes will need to be reworked to suit new fixtures • Do consider the pros and cons of recessed cisterns • Don’t forget to nominate heights for things like benches and showers bathroom-renovations-sydney/

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