Are new gTLDs Better Than .COM Domains?


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A lot has been talked about the new gTLDs since its launch. Information about whether the new gTLDs are better than .Com domains have been described here. Know more about how to choose a domain name at:


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Are new gTLDs Better Than .COM Domains? Presented By: Rutuparna


Overview The most popular TLDs since the beginning has been .com, .org and .net. The scenario of TLDs changed when new gTLDs were launched in January, 2014. There was a belief that having a keyword-rich TLD would impact ranking for a website but this myth regarding new gTLDs was addressed by Matt Cutts quite earlier. Choosing a relevant domain name for a business is the most important part of presenting a business online.

gTLDs Vs .Com Domain:

gTLDs Vs .Com Domain As the pie-chart shows, .xyz is the most popular TLD among the new gTLDs.

gTLDs Vs .Com Domain:

gTLDs Vs .Com Domain A recent survey shows that .photography is the most popular gTLD when it comes to keyword rich gTLDs.

gTLDs Vs .Com Domain:

gTLDs Vs .Com Domain On comparing two domain names, one with .com TLD and other with gTLD, it was found that .com domain overtook the gTLD domain in certain areas and gTLD domain overtook the .com domain in certain areas.

gTLDs Vs .Com Domain:

gTLDs Vs .Com Domain In terms of cost, the .COM domain cost more than the new gTLD domain. In terms of conversions, there were more number of conversions for .COM domain as compared to gTLD domain. The new gTLDs had more impressions at a lower cost and also better placing overall.


Conclusion Users seems to prefer .com domains whereas Google AdWords prefer gTLD domain name . Both the .COM domain and gTLD domain have their own importance but when it comes to cost, gTLD are always a better option.

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