Frequently Asked Questions About VPS Hosting


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Many of us are still unsure about VPS Hosting, here a few frequently asked questions about VPS Hosting have been answered.


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Frequently Asked Questions About VPS Hosting Presented By: Rutuparna


Overview Creating an isolated virtual machine with dedicated resources and complete access to functions and features of the dedicated server, this technique is called as VPS Hosting. VPS Hosting is preferred by many users since there is complete control on the use of resources and functionalities . Frequently Asked Questions about VPS Hosting have been answered here.

What is VPS Hosting?:

What is VPS Hosting? VPS hosting is a technique where multiple virtual servers are run at the same time within one physical server.

Why should I prefer VPS Hosting?:

Why should I prefer VPS Hosting? VPS Hosting is preferred mainly due to following reasons: Complete Isolation Root Access Guaranteed Resources

Software Installation:

Software Installation Any software that is compatible with the VPS package can be installed but if a software violates Usage Policy, it cannot be installed.

Installing Control Panels:

Installing Control Panels Installing control panel is possible, but that comes at an additional cost separate from VPS Package. Having an automated installation process makes the setup easy.

Upgrading Between VPS Plans:

Upgrading Between VPS Plans One can upgrade or downgrade among VPS plans as per the need and requirement of the user.


Conclusion While choosing for VPS package , one must be sure about the answers to these FAQs.

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