Amazing Mountains and Lakes


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By: LunaDreams (125 month(s) ago)

Luna Dremas away.....looks, smiles upon you.......and feels everything will be alright, how it can be when nature and the world is so magical beautyful....beleif in magick beleif in wonders.....and it will come to you....sometimes when I look at the world you send me, I do belief in a paradise....nice the heart at the end and the lady behind the xxMtoRxx

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The Lonely Sheperd Gheorghe Zamfir AMAZING MOUNTAINS AND LAKES

Slide 3: 

Hidden Lake Vista -Montana

Slide 4: 

Tufa Towers Mono Lake California

Slide 5: 

Sylvan Lake ,Black Hills-South Dakota

Slide 6: 

Sunrise Light on Lake Michigan,Wisconsin

Slide 7: 

Summit Lake Below Mount Evans ,Colorado

Slide 8: 

Spirit Island Maligne Lake, Alberta

Slide 9: 

Sight Seeing by Canoe, Lake Tahoe

Slide 10: 

Lake Tahoe ,Nevada

Slide 11: 

Mount Mc Kinley, Alaska

Slide 12: 

Pyramid Lake, Alberta- Canada

Slide 13: 

Lake Crescent- Washington

Slide 14: 

Lake Tahoe -Nevada

Slide 15: 

Pink Twilight at Mono Lake - California

Slide 16: 

Mount Shukson-Washinghton

Slide 17: 

Pee Wee Lake Sierra Nevada- California

Slide 18: 

Mystic Mono Lake - California

Slide 19: 

Ouem El Ma Lake -Libya

Slide 20: 

Patricia Lake Jasper.Alberta- Canada

Slide 21: 

Mountains Mirrored St. Mary Lake,Montana

Slide 22: 

Mount Rainier- Washington

Slide 23: 

Mount Shuksan- Washington

Slide 24: 

Mount Matterhorn-Lake Riffelsee-Switzerland

Slide 25: 

Moraine Lake - Canada

Slide 26: 

Mount Hood-Trillium Lake- Oregon

Slide 27: 

Mono Lake -California

Slide 28: 

Lost Lake-Sierra Nevada - California

Slide 29: 

Lake Mc.Donamld-Montana

Slide 30: 

Lake Along- Canada

Slide 31: 

Lake Louise -Canadian Rockies

Slide 32: 

Heart Lake- California

Slide 33: 

Cuyahoga Valey -Ohio

Slide 34: 

Jackson Lake -Wyoming

Slide 35: 

Alpine Tranquility -Washington

Slide 36: 

Alpine Lake -Colorado

Slide 37: 

Lake Pehoe -Chile

Slide 38: 

Tule Lake -California

Slide 39: 

Emerald Lake -Canada

Slide 40: 

T H E E N D A.C.

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