Indian Rummy Dictionary - Terminology Used in Online Rummy!

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Indian Rummy Dictionary - Terminology Used in Online Rummy!


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Indian Rummy Dictionary Terminology Used in Online Rummy!

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A complete set of 52 cards is called the deck of cards and it consists of – 4 suits i.e. Spades, Diamonds, Clubs and Hearts with 13 cards each. 1 wild card i.e. Joker also called as Paper Joker. Deck of Cards

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Joker In the game of rummy, one card is randomly selected from the remaining deck & it becomes the Joker for that particular game. This is also called as Cut-Joker. Apart from this 2 printed jokers are also present that are used to make a non-pure sequence.  

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What are Chips? To play any games on Rummy Passion, Chips are required. A specific number of chips are deducted from the player’s account when he/she wishes to play a game. Similarly, if a player wins the game a specific amount of chips are added to his/her account . There are mainly 2 types of chips at Rummy Passion – Practice Chips  – These are free and are used to play free rummy games . Real Chips  – Purchase real chips to play cash rummy games and win big prizes.

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Where is the game played? Every game at Rummy Passion is played on the live table with a feasible choice to choose from a 2-player or a 6-player option. The game starts by distributing 13 cards to each player & the act of giving cards is called dealing.  The table offers various options such as – “ Discard, drop, and do not deal next game, chat option & much more to provide an exhilarating gaming experience to all the users.

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Draw & Discard of the Cards After dealing 13 cards to each player, when the player gets his/her turn he needs to pick a card from any of the 2 stacks. This is called drawing. Once a card is drawn, a player needs to get rid of one card that is useless & the term is called discarding of the cards.

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What is Meld & Show? When 13 cards are dealt to each player, the objective is to arrange them in the sequence that should match with the rummy guidelines. The act of arranging the cards in the group is called “ Melding ” and to send this group for validation is called “ Show ”. Upon successful show, the player is considered as the winner of the game.

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How is Drop option used? A player can opt to not play the particular round of the game after a game starts by choosing the “ Drop ” option. The action is called middle drop . For a middle drop, the count value in 101 pool is 40 The count value for 201 pools in the middle drop is 50. Middle drop is not allowed in Best of 2 and Best of 3 games A full count is defined as the maximum possible score for one round of the game. At Rummy Passion, the full count score is 80 for any game type.

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How are Scores calculated? A player is considered as the winner only when his/her cards meets the objective of the game and is part of a valid set . As per the rules, the winner gets 0 points and the opponents get the total score based on the cards in their hand which is not part of the valid set.  

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We hope these vocabularies must have cleared all your doubts on online rummy. Still got a question? No worries . Ask NOW!

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