Five Mistakes Great Players Never Make

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Sachin Tendulkar, David Beckham and Tiger Woods; all of them are not just professionals, but have inspired sportsmen and women all around the world. The fundamentals of any professional sport remain the same and online rummy is no exception. So, what can we learn from them and how can we improve our numbers? Here are some of the important tips about the mistakes one should never make while playing online Rummy.


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Five Mistakes Great Players Never Make

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A Realistic Plan That Can Be C hanged We’ve all had some plans before the game and if everything goes straight or according to the plan, then we will make it through, right? Absolutely not, and that’s what draws the line between a maestro and mediocre. A master would never procrastinate or pre-plan anything. They absorb the current situation and explore the options to get the most favorable results. For e.g. They always avoid making long sequences.

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Learning Never Takes a Back Seat Always keep learning; card games like Indian Rummy have an ocean of possibilities and tricks. Updating your system is the vitamin required for winning. Most of us are too lazy or under a false impression about ourselves. Ideally, the learning curve should never be stagnant, and rummy is all about experimenting all the time.

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Attachment is the Cause of Suffering It was the Buddha, who explained this universal truth. Talking about online rummy specifically, there are certain aspects that we should avoid. And getting attached to one set of cards for too long might cause serious damage. A master would always look forward to making a sequence and wouldn’t mind dropping a Queen of ♥ hearts too. Implementing this will definitely allow you to contain your losses to a great degree.

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It’s Not a Matter of Life Taking the game in the right spirit is a necessity, but there’s a difference between Passion and obsession. For great players winning is sweet but the other side of the coin is even sweeter for them as it’s the lesson learnt that matters most. Take a deep breath as maybe it’s the wrong day, but it’s not a wrong game.

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It’s Yes or No! Not Maybe There are certain decisions that make the difference. Great players are always good at taking them. The hesitation of dropping a card should not persist for a long period of time and with the passage, it should fade away. Take a chance and learn from your mistakes.

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