5 Tips To Avoid Failure While Playing Online Rummy Games

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Failure – upsets – unworthiness are more than just adjectives. They can actually ruin your day. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Remember how legends handled their troubles. Analyze a few things for yourself before you start to blame fate. Failure has nothing to do with your skills and online rummy is a live example of it. We have collected a few tips; the practical ones, which can eliminate your troubles substantially. There just can’t be a single best advice that can make you an undisputed rummy champ.


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Welcome to rummy Gyan:

Welcome to rummy Gyan 5 Tips To Avoid Failure While Playing Online Rummy Games

Discarded Cards Can Fuel Your Win :

Discarded Cards Can Fuel Your Win You know what the smart ones do? They keep a track of the discarded rummy cards and analyze their table mate’s hunt. Keeping a track like this would make you aware of the current situation and you can act accordingly.

Say Bye to High Value Cards :

Say Bye to High Value Cards Aces or Kings are not the rulers in online rummy. This is unlike most other card games. All face cards have high points which are something to avoid in this game. Once melded, their point value is not significant anymore. Most pro players reject the face cards first for this very reason.

Learn from the Past:

Learn from the Past Keeping track of your game history is a great way of analyzing your own game play. This will make you aware about the mistakes that you’ve made. A self taught lesson is of great value and when it’s about winning or losing and should be taken seriously. Most of the pros have built their empires on a foundation of the past and instead of being upset about it they took the challenge to correct themselves.

Be Old School:

Be Old School The web version of rummy is a smart kid that can be your best friend, but you need to spend quality time with him. It is quicker, more vibrant and has no limitations of time or place. The best thing is that the online rummy rules are the same as they are of offline rummy.

You can win:

You can win I don’t want to lose or I want to win? There’s a difference of approach in these two statements. The first one is defensive. Having a winning attitude matters the most while playing any game. Have faith in your ability, do your homework, practice and everything will be fine.

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