Learn the Rules of 13 Card Online Rummy Game

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Learn the Rules of 13 Card Online Rummy Game All and sundry can easily Learn Rummy and have fun. What attracts players the most towards it is that it is an excellent platform to test their mathematical aptitude and memory in a really interesting way. This Rummy Blog attempts to put forth the rules of the game in an easy to comprehend manner. Their knowledge is essential to make your foray into the mesmerizing world of 13 Card Online Rummy.  Players Decks and Cards 1. It is a card game which can be played by 2-6 players. 2. One deck of cards is used for 2 players while 2 decks are used for more players. 3. Each player is dealt 13 cards at the beginning of the game.  The Aim 1. It is to convert your hand into valid sequences and/or sets. Whosoever does this first is the winner. The winner must declare by making a show of his/her cards and discard the last card at the ‘Finish’ button. 2. One pure sequence and one impure sequence are mandatory.  Pure Sequence It means at least 3 running cards of the same suit. To exemplify 2- 3- 4 is a pure sequence.  Set At least 3 cards of the same suit is a set. For example 6 6 6 is a set.

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 Impure Sequence/Set It means at least 3 running cards in which there is a Joker card in place of one of the cards. For instance if card 9 is a wild card joker then 2- 9- 4 is a valid impure sequence while 5- 5- 9 is a valid impure set.  Joker From the pile remaining after card distribution one card is just turned up to be used as a Joker. The significance of this card is that it can be used as a substitute for any card to form an impure sequence/set. If it happens to be a printed joker then all the Ace cards can be used as wild card jokers. If it is any other card then all cards of that number/face are used as jokers- as illustrated in the above example.  Point Calculation Each card carries specific points. Number cards have points equal to their face value while face cards Jack Queen King and Ace carry 10 points each. Joker has zero points. Points carry negative value which means the player with zero points wins the game.  As the game starts players pick a card from the closed deck or the open deck as per their requirement upon their respective turns and also discard a card to the open pile.  When a player declares and makes a show the points of the rest of the players are calculated on the basis of cards remaining in their hand which are not in the form of proper sequences and/or sets. In a nutshell Poring over this Rummy Blog will give you a good insight into the rules of the 13 card marvel and help you to Learn Rummy in an easy way. So read through it and turn up at the vibrant tables to relish the game

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