How to Lay Turf - A Quick Guide on how to lay turf

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How to Lay Turf - A guide containing tips on preparing your ground, help with choosing turf, laying your turf, and lawn after care. Premium lawn turf available from


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How to Lay Turf:

How to Lay Turf A Quick Guide by Rukeri

Prepare your ground:

Prepare your ground Preparation is key Remove all existing grass Work soil – to a depth of 15 centimetres Remove all stones, twigs and debris Level the area, taking care not to flatten soil Buy turf base if unable to get required depth of workable soil

Ordering & Storing Turf:

Ordering & Storing Turf Always order fresh turf – easier to work with and roots quickly! Arrange for turf to be delivered on day of use Store rolls of turf out of direct sunlight until you’re ready to use them

Laying your turf:

Laying your turf Dampen area before starting Start from a straight edge and lay one roll at a time Make sure each roll touches earth underneath Work in strips, similar pattern to brick work Tuck each roll in as close as possible Cut any surplus carefully to desired length

After Care – Maintaining turf:

After Care – Maintaining turf Water your turf in as son as it has been put down Keep the area damp until it has rooted properly (check by gently lifting a patch of turf) Do not over water – if it has rained overnight check dampness Water in early morning or evening to allow the water to penetrate root system


Remember! Turf is lots of living organisms. The less stress placed on it the better. Choose turf that has a well knitted root system Good quality turf should not break or crumble Always work with the freshest turf possible. It makes the job easier and gives your new grass the best start Within 28 days you will have a fully established lawn. Enjoy!

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