Fixing Email Attachment Problems _ Guide to Solve Email Attachment Iss


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If you are having problems sending attachments along with the email, then here it is step by step guide to fix email attachment problems. Click here to know


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Fixing Email Attachment Problems | Guide to Solve Email Attachment Issue

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When you try to send a file (photo, video, document) along with en email , it is called the attachment of that email. Sometimes these attachments fail to send along with the email, and issues that cause this are the email attachment problems. These majorly include Internet Connectivity Problems, Attachment File Size Problems, File extension problems and much more.

Office Theme: How to Send Files that Exceed the Attachment Limit? Emails are a great way to send and receive files. However, you should be careful about sending large files as attachments, or lots of attachments in one email. Big attachments can fill up the reader’s email inbox and cause problems for them. If you need to send a big file to someone, then it is a good idea to send them a download link rather than include it as an attachment. You can also use other programs to resize or compress files to make them small enough to send by email. Using Compression (7zip, Winrar) Using a Cloud Service (Google Drive, DropBox) The first method involves using compression, the second involves using a cloud service. Gmail has a limit for 25 megabytes for attachments on a single e-mail. So to get around this, let us look at this folder we have over here.

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We can use compression technique here, steps for which are given below: Install 7-Zip Create an Archive. Sending the Archive

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The secon d method is much more modern. The steps involved in sharing files over email using a cloud service are: Try to Upload Click on OK, got it Check Attachments and Send

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