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Overviewing Total Knee Replacement Surgery, its amazing benefits, quick recovery and painless mobility and motion. Quite successful joint replacement operation. Costs highly worth paying.


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World is widely enjoying its success...:

World is widely enjoying its success... The knee replacement surgeries are highly successful and popular worldwide. It mainly helps people with aging or damaged knee joints, removing their knee pain and getting them back to normal knee motion and movements. Let's understand it in details...

What is knee replacement surgery?:

What is knee replacement surgery? In this process, the unhealthy parts of the knee are replaced with specific types of prostheses. The main purpose of this procedure is, To relieve the patients from severe pain and improve their restricted knee mobility. It mainly treats an arthritis like degenerative arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis etc.

Types of knee replacement surgeries:

Types of knee replacement surgeries There are mainly two types: Total Knee Replacement Surgery (TKR) Partial Knee Replacement Surgery (PKR) Both are meant for replacing the damaged knee joints with artificial components.They are aimed to providing the free and pain-free knee motions.

Partial Knee Replacement Surgery -:

Partial Knee Replacement Surgery - Known as Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty OR Unicondylar Knee Arthroplasty. Mainly treats the knee osteoarthritis and only requires a limited knee area that is damaged.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery - :

Total Knee Replacement Surgery - In TKR, the orthopaedic surgeon will replace all three parts of the knee with metal and plastic prostheses. End of the femur, tibia and lower surface of the patella. A new knee surface is enhanced for the patient.

Who requires TKR surgery:

Who requires TKR surgery TKR is mainly performed in elderly with severe knee pain and deformities. Whereas, the age is not a bar as there are also other reasons that may require TKR to perform. People with obesity, traumatic injuries and types of reasons (who have their damaged knee) will need to undergo this surgery too!

Who requires TKR surgery:

Who requires TKR surgery You and your doctor will decide to undergo a surgery, if you have A painful, stiff and swollen knee. Difficulties even in the simplest of routine tasks. Moderate-to-severe pain while walking, climbing the stairs or bending or straightening the knees. If you have previously failed any other knee treatments, you can finally approach TKR.

Here is an innovation...:

Here is an innovation... Rugveda orthopaedic hospital performs, " Computer-Navigated Fast Track Knee Replacement Surgery " A highly innovative technique with the greatest of benefits to patients!

Benefits of TKR surgery:

Benefits of TKR surgery Patients of TKR achieves fantastic advantages like, Pain relief. Improved knee motions and movements like standing, walking and bending. Increased knee strengths. Increased walking style and gait pattern.

Total knee replacement recovery:

Total knee replacement recovery The results of TKR are fantastic. This procedure doesn’t require lengthy hospitalization. There may be a 3- to 4-day hospital stay. Pain relief is quick and patients will not require much help to move sooner after the surgery.

Total knee replacement recovery:

Total knee replacement recovery The patient can start walking on the same day. Climbing of stairs or stick walking is allowed on the 3rd day. Due to minimal invasive (surgical) nature of TKR, the recovery is much faster than earlier methods.

Total knee replacement recovery:

Total knee replacement recovery A pain-free physical therapy at home of about two to three weeks.   Getting back to routine activities within in a month.    A long-run result due to a modern technology of prostheses and devices used within the greatest of medical aids.

It is a life-enhancing surgery:

It is a life-enhancing surgery The benefits that one gets out of TKR are truly awesome! That's why we just see it as, "Regaining the Motion...Reclaiming the Life"


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