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Nothing but AN EYE:

Nothing but AN EYE Part One: Ecstatic Hermetics


Agenda Terms: Defining “Ecstatic Hermetics” Explanation: Ecstatic… Hermetics? A history of Hermes, including snakes, the underworld, entheogens , and ssssssssseeeeeeeeexxx …. Methods of inducing ecstasy Methods of Mystic Release “Drunken Magus Style: an Example”

Ecstatic Hermetics: Definition:

Ecstatic Hermetics: Definition Ecstatic: feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement involving an experience of mystic self-transcendence Hermetics: The system of spiritual beliefs and practices based on the Corpus Hermetica and other revelations attributed to Hermes Trismegistus from around the 1st-3rd Centuries E.V. Mysticism : having a direct experience of the Mystery of the divine, the hidden god

Ecstatic… Hermetics?:

Ecstatic… Hermetics? Can’t … quite … picture it…

About that Hermes Guy:

About that Hermes Guy The messenger divine and herald of the Gods Other Names Hodios patron of travelers and wayfarers Oneiropompus , conductor of dreams Poimandres , shepherd of men Psychopompos , conveyor or conductor of souls Psychogogue , conductor or leader of souls in (or through) the underworld Things in Common: The factor of travelling or motion with or without others with respect to the physical landscape, or the landscape of the soul, is the core attribute of the god as messenger and guide

Snakes and Hermes:

Snakes and Hermes Great Snakes! Serpents and the Underworld Serpents and phallic blessings Serpents as the Daimon Agathos Daimon Good spirit of God “Functional spirit with will power” Depicted as a snake god Equated with Hermes Chthonios He is the shepherd of souls, takes the spirit below the Earth

Hermes and the Drunken Orgy :

Hermes and the Drunken Orgy Hermes Chthonios identified as Agathosdaimon in Greek Magical Papyri Serpents on Kerykeion represented death-rebirth During the 3rd century BC, a communication between Petosiris (a priest) to King Nechopso , probably written in Alexandria c. 150 BCE, states Hermes is the teacher of all secret wisdoms available to knowing by the experience of religious ecstasy. Child of Dionysus – Bacchic Mysteries Child of Venus – Sex Magics

Terrestrial Hermes:

Terrestrial Hermes HERMES I call, whom Fate decrees to dwell In the dire path which leads to deepest hell O Bacchic Hermes, progeny divine Of Dionysius, parent of the vine, And of celestial Venus Paphian queen, Dark eye- lash'd Goddess of a lovely mien: Who constant wand'rest thro' the sacred feats Where hell's dread empress, Proserpine, retreats; To wretched souls the leader of thc way When Fate decrees, to regions void of day: Thine is the wand which causes sleep to fly, Or lulls to slumb'rous rest the weary eye; For Proserpine thro' Tart'rus dark and wide Gave thee forever flowing souls to guide. Come, blessed pow'r the sacrifice attend, And grant our mystic works a happy end.

Methods of Operation:

Methods of Operation Feeling Ecstatic: Some methods of shifting consciousness




Spirits The sway of alcohol over mankind is unquestionably due to its power to stimulate the mystical faculties of human nature, usually crushed to Earth by the cold facts and dry criticisms of the sober hour . William James, The Varieties of Religious Experience





Drunken Magus Style?:

Drunken Magus Style? Incorporating drunken abandon into your rites Pre-rite drinking Gets the endorphins flowing Relaxation of Consciousness Picking the types of alcohol that work well with the spirits Wines – Traditional offering since the beginning of booze Liquor – They don’t call ‘ em spirits for nothing Beer – Well… Beer! Pairings – Agrippa, 777, Magician’s Tables Libations Toast and make the offering… You are the altar Leave some


“FIN” (Not really, continued in Part Two)

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